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Real estate engine – “Guneshli Zaman” real estate Agency

Real estate engine – “Guneshli Zaman” real estate Agency

Usually, questions with the purchase or rental of housing cause a lot of excitement and anxiety, because you want not to lose and buy exactly what you dreamed of. In addition, the search for housing or premises often takes a lot of time and effort.

However, all the excitement may be in vain if you contact professional realtors, whose services include not just showing the property for sale, but also full support from the beginning of the transaction with the client.

There are many real estate agencies in Ashgabat, and we want to introduce you to the activities of the company, which has a special approach to the real estate market.

Real estate expert company "Guneshli Zaman" started its activity in January 2013. Thanks to the fact that the founder and the Agency's specialists continuously trained and developed, gaining practical experience, the company firmly mastered the real estate market.

A lot of money was invested in the organization of production and personnel. Gradually, a team was created that mastered the skills and knowledge of law and psychology of working with clients.

The Agency offers its services in the following areas:

• all types of purchase and sale of real estate objects;

• all types of real estate rentals;

• advice from qualified specialists.

Comprehensive market coverage includes:

• luxury real estate;

• planned homes;

• standard stock apartments;

• commercial real estate.

The company has recently expanded its scope of operations. Using its many years of experience in the real estate industry, having assembled a professional team of architects, designers and builders, and taking into account the repeated wishes of customers, the company carries out the construction of houses, cottages, bungalows, villas, townhouses on individual orders. In designing and designing housing, “Guneshli Zaman” takes into account the wishes of the most demanding clients and carefully implements them.


During the entire period of work in the company, about 530 turnkey transactions were carried out. At the moment, the company's computer database contains a catalog for 3,600 objects of various real estate for the needs of the population.

The company pays great attention to marketing, including advertising that promotes services on the market.


The main advantages of its services "Guneshli Zaman" calls the following:

• The company works directly with sellers and buyers with accurate reliable information, without intermediaries, which is much cheaper for customers.

• The Agency's sales and selection services are designed to ensure that the client is comfortable, and the Agency's experts could provide the service at the quality level required by working with real estate.

• All prices are fixed and the company's work is absolutely transparent.

The specialist of "Guneshli Zaman" goes to the client immediately on the day of the request, conducts an accurate assessment of its market value free of charge. When concluding a contract for the provision of services for the sale of a real estate object, all possible tools for promoting the object on the market will be used from the first day of operation.


The duties of the real estate expert of the company "Guneshli Zaman" include:

• market research-supply and demand;

• advising clients on various issues;

• selection of options for clients when selling, renting or buying;

• agreement on the terms of the contract to be concluded;

• checking the legal "purity" of the transaction, ensuring its legality;

• proper documentation of real estate transactions;

• ensuring receipt of documents and timely payment;

• monitoring compliance with the terms of agreements between sellers and buyers;

• providing a report on completed work to the client.

When buying real estate, the transaction is arranged as soon as possible.


After completing the transaction, each client is provided with discount coupons with various types of services: logistics, cleaning, European appliances, 3D visualization, high-quality furniture and a gift certificate for going to a restaurant.

Agency address: Oguzkhan str., "Nusaý Yollary".

Web site:

Phone numbers: (+993 12) 95-40-61; (+993 12) 95-40-62.


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