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Unified online trading platform TM Trade: advantages and a brief guide to the site

Unified online trading platform TM Trade: advantages and a brief guide to the site

An online trading platform is a kind of virtual market for goods and services, uniting under its “roof” hundreds, if not thousands, of the most diverse companies with the widest profile of activities. The convenience of this format is undeniable: one place contains information about several hundred enterprises, their activities, offers and contact details. You don’t have to search the Web for data on each of them, just as you don’t have to look for information about whose services to use in a particular case. For an entrepreneur, becoming part of such an online platform also means great opportunities to conduct business from a distance and at the same time constantly “keep abreast”.

In Turkmenistan, TM Trade has become such a unified online platform created for the convenience of entrepreneurs. For the convenience of promoting goods and services both in the domestic and foreign markets, information on the platform is available in four languages at once - Turkmen, Russian, English and Turkish.

Navigating the site is not particularly difficult, despite the abundance of information. On the main page in the upper left corner, you can find a list of categories of goods and services that can be found on the platform: “Electrical Engineering”, “Construction”, “Beauty and Health”, “Raw Materials”, etc.

If you scroll down the page a little, on the left side you can find links by region. For each of them, you can get acquainted with regional companies that present their goods and services within the TM Trade platform.

Even lower on the same side of the page is a list of exporters and importers, wholesalers and retailers and companies providing services.

Also, on the main page there is information about the number of companies registered on the trading platform, exhibited products and trade applications.

The main page is very informative, it contains almost all the important data for a seller or an entrepreneur who wants to become part of the big TM Trade team. Here you can also get acquainted with the data on the latest placed announcements (applications) and newly registered companies.

For each of the enterprises that are a member of TM Trade, there is all the necessary information regarding the activities of the company, its location and contact details.

To become a member of TM Trade, that is, to add your company, you should go down to the very bottom of the main page - there is a button “Add your company”. By clicking on the button, you must fill out the appropriate form and send it. After a certain period of time, TM Trade representatives will contact a new member of the platform.

After registration, the owner of the profile on TM Trade is provided with round-the-clock access to the personal account. Also, an entrepreneur - the owner of a personal account on TM Trade can promptly respond to requests from customers and consumers, without resorting to the services of intermediaries, work on promoting their product or service, place advertisements and announcements, and exhibit photographic materials.

Regardless of which section you are in, at the top of the page there is always a search bar, by which you can find any company on the site (provided that it is registered with TM Trade).

The advantages of the TM Trade online platform can be used both in its web version and from a smartphone - the mobile application is available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

TM Trade is a business directory designed for a new generation of entrepreneurs who are ready to take full advantage of the digitalization of trade processes. The Internet provides opportunities for this that have never been seen before, permitting you to reach a huge number of clients, process more requests, without resorting to the services of additional staff.

Also, Internet commerce in many ways helps to save time, which a business person always lacks.

All the necessary information about the capabilities of TM Trade is available on the platform website, for more information about the activities of the platform, you can contact TM Trade representatives by phone numbers: (+993 62) 06 81 81, (+993 63) 73 87 46.

Address: Ashgabat, st. Atamurat Niyazov (Chekhov), 157 A, Telekeçi söwda merkezi building.


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