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How to transform kitchen with glass decor elements


The spring-summer season is the best time to renovate and transform your home. The kitchen is one of the main places in the house: food is prepared here, family members gather, friendly gatherings are arranged over a cup of tea. Drops of oil flying in all directions during cooking are poorly wiped off, gradually contaminating unprotected surfaces, floors wear out, walls get dirty. You can simply change the wallpaper or re-paint the walls, or you can get creative with the issue of transforming the kitchen and use tempered glass decor elements to decorate it.

Specialist Anyk teklip ES, a manufacturer of tempered glass products, spoke about the ways of beautiful, stylish and durable design of the kitchen using glass.

In recent years, glass kitchen “aprons” are gaining popularity - panels of patterned opaque glass that protect the wall from splashes of oil, water, detergents and dampness. These “aprons” are easy to clean, look great and can last for decades. Applying printed patterns to the surface of tempered glass creates truly limitless possibilities for decoration in any color scheme and on any subject.

Mirror mosaic will help to visually expand the space of the kitchen, create an interesting play of play of light and color. Such material is combined with almost any other - with paint, wallpaper, porcelain stoneware, natural stone and wood. Also, due to the color neutrality, the pieces of the mirror mosaic do not conflict with any color in the design of the room. With the help of a mosaic with small details, even a convex or concave surface can be decorated.

Frosted or transparent doors made of thick tempered glass will look great in the interior of the kitchen. Such a door is able to visually enlarge the room, “lighten” it if it is dark enough, and also open a view to the adjacent room, if for some reason it is necessary to control everything that happens outside the kitchen. If desired, a pattern is applied to the glass surface by UV printing.

Glass countertops look no less stylish and unusual. Despite the apparent fragility of the tempered glass from which they are made, it is not so easy to break. A table with a glass top gives the interior “airiness” and lightness, and the glass can be either completely transparent or matte, plain color or with a pattern.

Stained glass is an original way to transform a kitchen. A stained glass partition will help to zone the room, place bright accents, hide the working area of the kitchen from the rest of the space, and also decorate an ordinary window. A stained glass window in the classic version is pieces of colored glass, stacked appropriately to form a pattern and fastened together with a profile made of lead, copper or brass, but there are other ways to create a stained glass window on a single sheet of glass using special films or applications.

Glass as a material for interior decoration has many advantages. Except for its fragility (this problem is solved precisely by the method of glass tempering), it is quite easy to maintain, it serves for many years, it is easy to clean (the main thing is not to use coarse powders and abrasives), it is chemically inert - it does not emit harmful substances even when heated and does not react with cleaning agents.

To implement all these ideas, Anyk teklip ES specialists use only tempered glass processed by a special method, which makes it many times stronger than ordinary glass. During tempering, a sheet of glass is subjected to intense heat, after which it is rapidly cooled. When heated, the top layer of glass melts and immediately solidifies, forming a solid film. The edges of the tempered glass sheet are protected by steel frames or other means.

To manufacture its tempered glass products, Anyk teklip purchased special equipment made in Türkiye and China. Products from Anyk teklip are certified, which confirms their high quality and reliability.

Anyk teklip will not only produce kitchen aprons, mosaics, glass doors to order, but also organize the delivery of finished products both in Ashgabat and other regions of Turkmenistan, and also offers its customers a flexible system of discounts and the opportunity to use various promotions.

You can evaluate products from Anyk teklip and, if you wish, order elements of glass decor for the kitchen at the address: Ahal velayat, Ak Bugday etrap, Gyami gengeshlik, territory of the industrial zone, st. Zerger, 3.

Contact phones: 59 57 79, (+993 61) 94 07 07. E-mail:


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