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What to bring from Turkmenistan as a gift: souvenirs with love


When asked what to bring from Turkmenistan, the first to come to mind are traditional and already recognizable souvenirs such as skullcaps (tahya), amulets (alaja), woolen socks, carpets and, of course, fragrant Turkmen melon.

To pick up something new as a pleasant gift for relatives, friends and colleagues, you can walk through exhibitions and fairs with the participation of Turkmen craftsmen.

Made by own hands

Wall clock from Jeren Gurbanova. A graduate of the State Academy of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan creates unique watches by hand using stained glass technique. Compositions and ornaments in the works of the artist are sparkling and colorful. Such a gift will enliven the interior and will delight guests.


Bags made of jute, twine and polyester cord by Anna Sultanova. Since 2019, under the Annanas brand, Anna has been creating bags, clutches and wallets for women, as well as baskets, planters, decorative rugs and other interior items. Annanas bags are an example of a successful and harmonious combination of trendy forms and Turkmen flavor. The owner of such a bag will stand out from the crowd even in a crowded city.

Exclusive dolls from Gulalek Babakulova. The craftswoman sews outfits for dolls, paying close attention to the selection of fabric and embroidery. Gulalek is inspired by the history and folklore of Turkmenistan. In her collections one can find dolls based on the Turkmen epics “Leyli and Mezhnun”, “Shasenem and Garyp”, “Zohre and Tahir”, as well as dolls in costumes of ethnic groups of Turkmens living in five velayats of the country.

Author's jewelry by Maria Filipchenko. It is no secret that the national jewelry of Turkmen women is a special trend in jewelry art. Maria offers ethno jewelry in a modern interpretation. All products are handmade and in a single copy.


Leather souvenirs from Andrey Medvedev. The works of the leather craftsman Andrey Alekseevich can be regularly seen at exhibitions of handicraft art in Turkmenistan. Brutal bags, purses and other accessories made of high-quality leather and in professional design. An artisan from Turkmenistan also makes bottles and flasks from lagenaria (pumpkin).

Jewelry made of polymer clay from Ayjemal Rejepova. An experienced craftswoman makes a lot of things out of clay: brooches, earrings, pendants, jewelry for dishes, etc. An unusual accessory will attract the attention of others and make the image exceptional.

Clothes and shoes

Towels, bed linen, knitted and denim clothes from Turkmen textile enterprises have long been the hallmark of the country.

In 2018, the youth clothing brand Däp appeared in Turkmenistan, which combined modern design solutions and forms with Turkmen folklore, national embroideries and prints.

As for shoes, bags and accessories made of leather, in Turkmenistan this category of goods is no less diverse. Among the most famous manufacturers are Röwşen, MB Shoes and Toyly Pirov under the Marseille brand.

When going abroad, do not forget to bring delicious gifts with you. Local shops offer a huge selection of sweets, sausages and dairy products.

Note: The material has been prepared for informational purposes and is not an advertisement.

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