How do celebrities make money: stars and their successful business

How do celebrities make money: stars and their successful business

Some celebrities were rewarded by higher powers not only with talent, but also with entrepreneurial flair. We present a selection of stars who successfully combine a creative career and their own business.

Jackie Chan - a living legend of modern cinema, also demonstrates success in commercial affairs. He owns 38 cinemas throughout China (Jackie Chan Yaolai International Cinema); JCAM company producing eco-transport. For example, in the film “Armor of God 3: The Chinese Zodiac”, an environmentally friendly motorcycle worth 8 thousand USD was used.

Considerable income Jackie Chan receives from the sale of a wide variety of products from the brands Jackie Chan Design, The JC Collection or The JC Jeans.

The lead singer of the rock band Thirty Seconds To Mars and actor Jared Leto surprises not only with his ability not to age, but also with strategic thinking. The actor has been successfully investing in various companies and startups since the mid-2000s.

In an interview, Leto shared that he considers investing in Uber taxi service and Airbnb rentals to be the main success. The actors also have unsuccessful investment stories, but this does not stop him.

In 2010, Jared Leto founded Adventures In Wonderland, a company that specializes in providing VIP services for artists on tour. Marilyn Manson and the Blink 182 group are among his clients. And in 2011 he created a streaming platform for watching videos VyRT.

Rihanna - billionaire. So, in August 2021, the singer entered the Forbes list as the richest female musician, at that time her fortune was 1,7 billion USD. Rihanna earned the lion's share of her income with the help of Fenty Beauty, a cosmetics company. Her share in this business is 1,4 billion dollars. Nearly 300 million popular performer brought underwear firm Savage x Fenty.

In early 2023, Rihanna decided to expand her business and filed for the Fenty Kids trademark. So, in the near future, a new brand will appear on the children's goods market.

As the American Forbes magazine found out, only TV presenter Oprah Winfrey is richer in show business than Rihanna. The state of the celebrity is estimated at 2,7 billion dollars.

The TV presenter became the first black female billionaire in history. Winfrey owns a film studio, O magazine, The Oprah Magazine, Internet resource, radio network and cable TV channel OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network.

The total value of Oprah Winfrey's estate is 210 million USD. She owns a 17-hectare estate in Montecito, as well as real estate in Santa Barbara, Maui, Colorado and Nashville.

Jessica Alba is one of the founders of The Honest Company. The company produces non-toxic and environmentally friendly products: household chemicals, children's cosmetics and hygiene products. Thanks to the success of the brand, the actress got on the cover of Forbes magazine in 2015.

In 2019, The Honest Company entered the European market. Having introduced the beauty line Honest Beauty in Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy and France.

Jessica Alba personally works on expanding and promoting the business, participates in negotiations and brand development.

Reese Witherspoon founded Type A Films in 2000. Thanks to a number of successful films, among which “Legally Blonde”, the company expanded. Today, Witherspoon owns the media company Hello Sunshine, which was included in Time magazine's list of the “World's Most Influential Companies”.

Timati - a hip-hop artist, one of the richest representatives of Russian show business. In 2006, Timur Yunusov organized the production center Black Star inc. In 2020, the singer left the label, but despite this, Timati's financial condition is stable.

Timur Yunusov is the owner or co-owner of such companies as Black Star Burger (burger chain), “Sushi Box”, Black Star Car Wash (car wash chain) and many others.

Of course, this list is not complete, there are many more celebrities who successfully combine creativity and business. Mostly stars are attracted by fashion and design, winemaking, beauty industry, restaurant business, etc.


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