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What fashion trends in interiors will be popular in 2023

What fashion trends in interiors will be popular in 2023

Interior fashion is not as fleeting as for clothes or music, but it changes with time too. The trends of XX century become a thing of the past – carpets on the walls and an abundance of crystal ware, Scandinavian restraint and simplicity of style “Provans” have replaced luxury in “Baroque” and “classic” styles. New trends combine the ergonomics of modern interiors and elements from past.

In 2023, furniture interiors are offered to focus on naturalness and adherence to natural materials. Such natural materials like wood, unpolished stone, ceramics, as well as genuine leather, velvet, cotton or linen textiles return to fashion. As the budget option, high- quality imitation of natural materials from the most ecological substitutes are suitable.


The material naturalness is perfectly complemented by a warm, close to natural, color spectrum. Various shades of brown or green (beige, yellow, terracotta, caramel, olive, grass, menthol, colors of natural spices) create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, positively influence on vision and psyche.

Do not rush to throw away an old chest of drawers or an armchair. If they are subject to restoration, you can get a wonderful piece of vintage-style interior. One or two of these pieces of furniture fit perfectly into interiors in a modern style (with the exception of hi-tech). With proper restoration, such furniture can look beautiful and expensive, and antique items often differ not only in their durability, but also in convenience.


You should not blindly follow the pictures in fashionable furniture catalogs, if there is an opportunity to give the style of your home personality traits. A restrained minimalistic or Scandinavian interior can be diversified with items that you personally like – it can be a funny chandelier, a bright plaid in folk style, an abstract painting on the wall, painted dishes. Creative disorder in the work area is also welcome, it is not necessary to strive for the ideal and build all the items “according to the ruler”.


Another trend in modern interior designs is functionality of all zones in the room. Each of the zones must be as comfortable as possible: wardrobes and racks are spacious, everything should be at hand on the working table, and the sleeping place should not be near the noise sources and at the same time shoud not occupy half of the room. In this sense, transformers or modular systems can help. Functionality supposes the rejection external beauty and “fashion” in favor of comfort and ergonomics.


Moreover, in 2023, designers offer to pay more attention to details with rounded outlines – circle, oval, crescent shaped, drops and etc. An oval coffee table instead of a rectangular one, a sofa of a crescent shape or a mirror of indefinite shape, but soft outlines will smooth out the excess of straight lines in the interior, which not only gives comfort and softness to the atmosphere, but also has a positive effect on the mood.


The flagship of the Turkmen furniture industry, the Aýbölek factory will make it possible to bring to life modern interior trends. The factory masters have a large experience in the manufacturing of of custom – made furniture in any style and from the very different materials – solid wood, MDF, plywood, natural and artificial stone using natural fabrics for upholstery. 

The Aýbölek factory produces bedroom, kitchen and children's sets, furniture for living rooms, workrooms, libraries. Specialists are also ready to provide their services in the manufacture of modular kits, transformer furniture and a wide variety of mirrors. Only high-quality eco-friendly materials and accessories are used in the production.

To ask for advice or make an order in Aýbölek  is possible by the address: Ashgabat, Andaliba str., 80. Phone: (+993 12) 47 01 03, (+993 12) 47 01 04.


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