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Delicious Christmas trees: simple recipes in haste


This article will be especially useful for those who are not very friendly with cooking, but want to surprise loved ones and guests with an original and edible dish. Some recipes, well, very simple, that you can involve children in their preparation.


Christmas trees from sliced fruits will take very little time. To make the base, you will need a wooden skewer inserted into half of the apple. What to string on the “trunk” of the future Christmas tree depends on your imagination. These can be slices of cucumber, lemon, kiwi, grapefruit or slices of cheese and sausage.


Christmas trees-canapes will look pretty on the festive table. Cut thin cucumber slices with knife-vegetable slicer and string each on a toothpick or skewer. There is a great number of decoration options: the “tree” can be placed on the slice of sausage, cheese, cherry tomato or black bread, into a stuffed egg or a tartlets with pate.


Yummy trees from fruits and berries, also not complicated to prepare. For basis you’ll need a half of an apple, carrot and toothpicks. The design also depends on your imagination. It is possible to make a tree from any type of berries, for example, strawberry or grape, or from very different fruits.


The same scheme is used for a tree from broccoli, marmalade, marshmallow or meringue.


It will not be difficult to assemble a Christmas tree made of sweets. You can take either a bottle or make a cone out of thick paper. We wrap the base with strips of double-sided tape and attach sweets to it. Candies can be very different. A Christmas tree can be decorated with beads and tinsel.   


Below are a few more ideas of edible Christmas trees. Have a good New Year!




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