Horoscope for 2023 according to the Zodiac signs and the Eastern calendar

Horoscope for 2023 according to the Zodiac signs and the Eastern calendar

The coming year 2023 as per Eastern calendar will be the year of the black water Rabbit (other variants – the Cat). Rabbit (as well as the Cat) in general is a peaceful animal and appreciates comfort and stability, at the same time in case of danger it is always ready to make a use of sharp claws. 

The year of rabbit in 2023 will come not on January 22, bat on January 1, and will end on February 9, 2024. Nevertheless, you can start a Rabbit meeting directly on New Year's Eve. While choosing an outfit, it is better to stop at something cozy and comfortable, without affectation, preferably purple or purple shades.

Eastern calendar

For those born in the year of the Rat in 2023, it is better not to undertake anything seriously dangerous and hide until better times, since the Cat can be dangerous for the Rat.

For Ox it will be a usual, “working” year, when it will be necessary to work without being distracted by unnecessary things. It will be a good time to start your own business, launch a new project. In general, a Rabbit (or a Cat) pretty well gets on with an Ox.

Tiger, in 2023, will get a small rest and a possibility to accumulate strength for future accomplishments. In general, it will be calm and favorable year with the opportunity to relax and travel.

In his “own” year, Rabbit (Cat) will succeed in all endeavors – in work, family life, with friends.

For Dragon the year of 2023 will be pleasant and fun, as well as for Horse, a possibility to show yourself in all glory without putting a lot of effort will occur.

In general, Snake will be lucky, although you will have to try, you will also have a possibility simply to have a rest and watch what is happening from the side.

Goat (Sheep) will have to go uphill in the new year, including thanks to strong patrons.

Monkeys and Roosters will have to stay in control next year. The monkey can know no measure and jeopardize all achievements, and the Rooster is advised to stay away from all disputes and discussions and exercise caution in everything.

For a Dog, the coming year should also be calm and peaceful. The most suitable time to create coziness and comfort in the house, as well as to create a family.

For Boar (Pig) in 2023, it would be best to devote more time to rest in order to gain strength for further battles.

Zodiac signs

Aries in the new year will often have to lend a helping hand to closest and friends. The main thing is not to the detriment of their own interests. Moreover, there will occur a possibility to progress up the career ladder, but for you’ll have to make efforts.

Taurus is recommended to do the harmonization of the surrounding space – to throw away the excess, to restore order in the soul and in thoughts, to throw off the burden of the past. Rabbit in 2023 will help Taurus to embody even the wildest dreams. Summer is a time of increased risks in handling of electrical equipment and gas. It will be possible to expect replenishment in the family or improvement of living conditions.

A coming year for Gemini is the best time to get rid of bad habits. Moreover, this year perfectly fits for travelling, making long-term plans and useful acquaintances. In case of any dishonest actions in the leaving year, in 2023 they will have to be paid. There is a risk of meeting unscrupulous people on your way, get into the epicenter of court proceedings.

Cancer in the new year can meet their “best half”, create a family. In the financial plan they will manage to do everything, if they make enough effort to do this. It is not recommended to succumb to tempting advertising offers, there is a risk of losing money.

Leo is not recommended to change jobs unless absolutely necessary. There may be problems in the family, also it is recommended to pay more attention to your health. Large purchases right down to real estate are possible, also Leos can become business owners. You should be more careful with signing different documents.

Those born under Virgo sign, the stars call to be more accurate with loans and to limit spending in the coming year, as well as avoid “gray” financial schemes and “black” accounting. But there will be an opportunity to travel a lot for work, to expand their powers. In general, the year promises a lot of work and possible changes in the family (marriage, the birth of children, etc.)

Libra in the first half of the year expects pleasant chores in the form of travel, large and long-planned purchases, possible winnings in any contests. Year will be good for increase of financial literacy. It is preferable to avoid addictions and weight should be controlled.

The year promises to be lucky for Scorpio, almost every beginning will turn out, but difficult decisions will have to be made. The first half year it is better to spend on house improvements, furniture purchase, repairs. Perhaps disappointment in those whom you trusted until recently

Sagittarius are waiting for new useful acquaintances, the opportunity to gain new knowledge that will later help them get a dream job or open their own business. At the beginning of the year, travels or long-lasting business trips are possible. Bureaucratic issues will be solved easily, changes in personal and family life are not excluded (weddings, children birth, moving to new place).

Capricorn in 2023 will have the possibility to make their life comfortable – to make repairs, renew their wardrobe, also to reduce load at work. Learning new knowledge or performing before a large audience is awaited, however a new source of income can appear. Chronical diseases should be monitored and visits to a doctor should be on time. 

Greetings from their past life can receive Aquarius in the coming year, but one should not rush joyfully to meet it. The year will be good for creativity and new hobbies, as well as travels. Astrologers advise to wait with children birth. More attention should be paid to the road and fire safety rules.

Pisces in 2023 will be able to receive the results of their hard work in the past, both in a good and in a negative sense – for attempts to circumvent the law in the outgoing year, the reckoning will overtake in the new one. In general, the year will be not bad in financial and personal plan, the main thing is to get rid of the toxic environment.

Sources: iz.ru; kp.ru

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