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Effective ways to restore the body after the holidays


With what impatience we are all looking forward to the New Year! In order to gather with family and friends at a large festive table on New Year’s Eve, please each other with gifts and cheerfully celebrate the holiday. Yes, this is a wonderful and fabulous time, but it is also a little stress for our body. Abstaining from late meals and resisting seductive aromas is almost impossible, and even unnecessary. You just need to follow some effective ways to help your body recover faster.

Suggestion № 1 – refrain from breakfast

Contrary to all the myths that breakfast should be filling and satisfying, you need to know that in fact morning is the time to cleanse the body. That is why, after a late dinner, it is worth giving the body a rest and skipping breakfast. For the period of abstinence from food, you can drink water without various additives. And the next meal is only after 13:00.

Suggestion № 2 – arrange fasting day

On such days, our body spends a minimum of energy to digest food. The menu for fasting days may be different. But there are still general rules that should be adhered to. During fasting days, it is necessary to exclude sweets, yeast, baked goods, fatty foods and carbonated drinks. A great start will be mild and low-fat vegetable dishes, fruit or mashed potatoes and cereals.

Suggestion № 3 – “no” to consequences

In order to prevent fermentation processes after fatty meals and complex food combinations, as you should eat 1 teaspoon of honey at the beginning and at the end of the day (in the absence of allergies and contraindications). The sweet product also has a bactericidal effect.

Suggestion № 4 – activity

Exercise is one of the best ways to restore digestive processes. It is best to do this in the gym under the supervision of an instructor, since excessive stress can disrupt the work of the heart, and improperly performed exercises can exacerbate vertebral diseases.

Suggestion № 5 – alkalization

After a plentiful intake of food, the body produces enzymes that lead to “acidification” of the body. These acids accumulated in the liver ultimately lead to heartburn, stomach pains and other consequences. The best remedy to help cope with discomfort is greens. Its consumption per day should exceed 20 grams.

Suggestion № 6 – clearance

Do not consume mucus-forming foods for several days. This list includes gluten-free cereals, cashews and all dairy products. During this time, all puffiness will go away from the body and gastrointestinal tract, and the skin will return its former shine. By the way, it is also an excellent prevention of cellulite.

Suggestion № 7 – bath day

An excellent way to cleanse the body and improve your own health is to visit the bathhouse. As a result of regular bathing days, you saturate all tissues with oxygen, cleanse the body of toxins, tone the muscular system and activate the lungs.

The suggestions above will help you quickly get back in shape after the holiday feasts. But despite the general recommendations, it is worth considering the characteristics and individuality of the organism, and it is best to consult with a specialist.


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