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Museo Subacuatico de Arte in Mexico: secrets and myths of the underwater museum


Musa underwater park is the first major underwater museum that opened in 2010 in Cancun. It is located near the island of Isla Mujeres in the mysterious Caribbean Sea, at a depth of 4 to 8 meters.


The unusual museum is a complex of surreal life-size sculptures of people, houses, a car, and other exhibits located right on the seabed.


The creation of the museum is an opportunity to show humanity the relationship between man and the surrounding ecosystem, to draw people's attention to the protection of coral reefs, parts of which often become souvenirs for numerous tourists.


In this regard, underwater sculptures began to serve as a home for marine life and plankton (there are special holes in the exhibits), and also became the lifeblood of coral colonies.

History of creation - a group of specialists, among which: Dr. Jamie Gonzalez Cano, Roberto Diaz Abraham and British sculptor and artist Jason Taylor, came up with this project. In total, the authors of the figures were 6 major artists. It is interesting that they used marine concrete, which includes fiberglass, cement and silicone; and installed the sculptures on heavy bases (weighing up to 2 tons) so that they would not be carried away by the sea current.

Exhibits of the underwater museum. One of the most numerous compositions is called “Silent evolution”. 400 different figures, including children and adults, seemed to freeze in serious reflections about the future of our planet; they are all united by love and the desire to make the world a better place. The special meaning of the sculpture is that, gradually overgrowing with corals, it will contribute to the constant renewal of the exposition.


“The man is on fire” - red corals on the body of the statue symbolize fire. The main intention of the author is to draw public attention to environmental issues before it is too late.


“Gardener of hope” - personifies the fragile connection between humanity and nature. A young girl caring for plants lies on a tiled area surrounded by flower pots in which live corals lurk secluded.


“Collector of lost hopes” - depicts an underwater archive, and its pensive keeper. Around the man are hundreds of bottles with messages that express the hopes, goals and aspirations of modern people to improve the ecology on the planet. The faces of all art objects, a little frightening and fantastic, like casts, were made from real people.


Ways to visit the museum. Every year, 750 000 tourists come here, attracted by its extraordinary appeal. The cost of visiting a museum depends on how you visit it.

You can dive into the museum with scuba diving, scuba diving or just with a mask, snorkel and fins. Or take an excursion to a semi-submarine, where there are large windows for observing marine life and sculptures.

The third option - unusually clean and transparent water permits you to view the figures directly from the boat or boat.

Interesting facts:

  • hurricane Wilma, which happened in 2005 and caused great damage to the city of Cancun and coral reefs, influenced the creation of the museum;
  • the museum is divided into two galleries: Salon Machones, in which the sculptures are 8 meters from the surface; and Punta Nizuc (4 meters away), where diving is prohibited and only glass bottom boats are permitted;
  • observing underwater figures from a boat, you can see them in an enlarged volume, due to the refraction of sunlight;
  • the weight of the entire installation, submerged under water, exceeds 200 tons;
  • the famous artist Jason Taylor, who is also a skilled diver, spent 120 hours underwater when creating the underwater museum;
  • the area of the underwater museum is 420 sq. meters.


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