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How to manage TMCELL mobile operator services from your phone


One of the indisputable conveniences of modern mobile communications is that you can manage a set of operator services remotely, from your own phone, and not go to the office for this.

TMCELL offers special USSD codes, by dialing which on a mobile phone, you can receive the necessary information or connect various services. Also, a number of services can be activated using SMS messages sent to short numbers.

Most codes are four-digit, easy to remember. Multi-valued codes are used relatively rarely. We use some almost daily (for instance, checking the balance), others less often, and some are useful to units. Below is a list of codes for managing TMCELL services.


Main menu - *0809#

Language selection - *0809*0* (English - add 1#, Turkmen - add 2#, Russian - add 3#).

Enable call forwarding - *0809*2*5*1# (deactivate *0809*2*5*0#).

Call waiting - *0809*2*1*1# (deactivate *0809*2*1*0#)

Prohibit identification of your number - *0809*2*3*1# (deactivate the service *0809*2*3*0#).

Anti-prohibition of number identification - *0809*2*4*1# (deactivate this service *0809*2*4*0#).

International access service - *0809*1*2# (deactivate *0809*1*1#).

Roaming connection - *0809*1*3*1# (deactivate *0809*1*3*0#). To activate roaming, the account must have at least 525 manats and the “10 International Calls” service has been activated.

Adding music instead of a beep - call 1010, select a language and select music (deactivate the service - call 1010, select a language, select the “deactivate” option).

Activation of the “Voice message” service - dial 0815 to receive instructions on sending a voice message.

“Unlimited music” - download the Tmcell sazz program from the Google Play or App Store applications and activate the service via USSD code *0809*11# (paid service, 10 manats per month).

You can also subscribe to the Mobile TV service. This requires a 4G-LTE-channel mobile phone with 2100 MHz connected to 4G-LTE. You will also have to download the program from the Google Play or App Store applications.

The service activation code is *0809*2*10*1#.

“Online” notification services

Notification of the subscriber who called you that your number is online - send an SMS with the text “A1” to the number 0880 (deactivate - SMS with the text “A0” to the same number).

Notification that another subscriber is online - send an SMS with the text “C1” to the number 0880 (deactivate - SMS “C0” to the same number).

Notification that your number is unavailable - send an SMS to 0880. Write the word TEXT in the text and enter the desired phrase (for instance, “I'll call you later”). Deactivate the service - send an SMS to 0880 with the text TEXT).

Tariff Management

Find out your tariff plan - *0809*6*1*1#.

Change tariff plan:

Internet 50 - *0809*6*1*2*133#;

Sowgat 1000+ - *0809*6*1*2*131#;

Sowgat 2000 -*0809*6*1*2*130#;

Sowgat 500 -*0809*6*1*2*140#;

Çäksiz gepleşik -*0809*6*1*2*132#;

Gürleşiber -*0809*6*1*2*126#;

Sada -*0809*6*1*2*122#;

Seniň ulgamyň 1 -*0809*6*1*2*119#;

Amatly -*0809*6*1*2*109#;

Tygşytly -*0809*6*1*2*106#;

3G – Internet WCDMA -*0809*6*1*2*104#.

Connection of monthly Internet packages

Internet 3 (50 Мб) - *0850*3#;

Internet 5 (100 Мб) -*0850*5#;

Internet 15 (500 Мб) -*0850*15#;

Internet 55 (1 Гб) -*0850*55#;

Internet 160 (4 Гб) -*0850*160#;

Internet 350 (10 Гб) -*0850*350#.

Balance check
Check current balance - *0800#.

Check the balance of the current month - send an empty SMS to 0807.

Check the balance of the last month - send an SMS with the number “1” to the number 0807.

Checking the balance of another number registered in your name - send an SMS to number 0806, indicating the number of interests in the format +9936X XX XX XX.

Access to personal account

To do this, send an empty SMS to 0831 and receive an access code.

Deferred payment “Secure payment” - *8888#.

Transfer ban from one number to another - *0809*4*4*1# (cancel the ban - *0809*4*4*0#).

You can also replenish the balance from your bank card. To do this, download the TMCELL Töleg mobile app to your smartphone from Google Play or the App Store.

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