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Ecology: 7 celebrities who care


In recent years, environmental problems have made people more and more concerned about the environment. And the trend is set by celebrities. Some advocate daily mindful consumption that will help protect the planet from pollution, while others spare no expense in donations to make the Earth safe for life.

Employees of the Turkmen company Ussat kömekçi are sure that care and responsible attitude to the environment should become a daily habit. And they hope that the examples of 7 star eco-activities will become a trigger in its formation.

Nikolai Drozdov - a well-known Russian TV presenter, zoologist, actively involved in environmental activities, including Greenpeace and WWF environmental protection projects. He is engaged in educational activities in the field of ecology, giving lectures and reports. Together with well-known figures of nature conservation, he created a number of scientific, journalistic and educational television and video films about nature and animals. His merits in this area were awarded with a diploma from the World Wide Fund for Nature Conservation “For outstanding contribution to the conservation of nature in Russia and around the world”; he is also a laureate of the UNESCO Prize.


Leonardo DiCaprio - the “green revolutionary” as he is often called, as he is one of the most active supporters of environmental protection. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) created by him finances research and development in the field of energy, participates in the protection of endangered species of animals, and contributes to the expansion of protected areas. The foundation donates millions of dollars annually. The actor himself travels in an environmentally friendly car, this is a Fisker Karma hybrid supercar, in which even the interior materials did not harm nature. For instance, wooden elements are made from self-fallen trees, and not cut down by a person.


Emma Watson - an actress who became famous as Hermione in the Harry Potter movie, actively donates money to the Wild Salmon Protection Fund. Since 2009, she has advocated for sustainable fashion and wears outfits made from natural or recycled materials, refusing fur and leather products. She joined the board of directors of the Kering conglomerate, which unites luxury goods manufacturers such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent.


Ilya Lagutenko - the outrageous leader of the “Mumiy Troll” group, is one of the most active artists who advocate for the preservation of the environment. He personally patronizes the “Amur” charitable foundation, which is fighting the extinction of Far Eastern leopards and Amur tigers. He often gives charity concerts and talks about protecting nature in interviews, while at the same time advocating the adoption of the toughest laws against poachers.


Johnny Depp - the actor takes an active part in various actions and rallies against environmental pollution. For the last few years, he has been living in an eco-friendly house, where all energy is drawn from solar panels, only energy-saving light bulbs are used and many other useful devices that save energy.


Brigitte Bardot - a famous French actress who is the founder and chairman of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, an ardent opponent of the use of natural fur and leather in clothes. It was thanks to the active intervention of the actress that the French government obliged farmers to use a humane method for slaughtering animals - a stun gun.


Pierce Brosnan - a former James Bond actor, is a member of the Natural Resources Defense Council of England and opposes the use of sonar by US Navy ships, which, according to research, is a common reason for marine animals to wash ashore. (Sonar is a means of sound detection of underwater objects using acoustic radiation).


“Loving nature and paying special attention to environmental care is not difficult, you just need to stop being indifferent,” Ussat kömekçi are confident.

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