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Loyalty, hope, love - what do the colors in clothes say


The color of clothing has an aesthetic, psychological and even physiological effect on a person. Its shades and combinations play a key role in creating a festive and everyday look.

In different nations of the world, colors can mean opposite things. So, what is the meaning of the symbolism of some colors?

White - ideal purity, a symbol of goodness, purity, truth, peace, silence. A girl in white always attracts attention and arouses interest, although in some countries of Asia and Africa it is considered the color of mourning.

Black - symbolizes unhappiness, depression, evil spirits. But thanks to Coco Chanel, he became a symbol of elegance and won the championship among classic colors. Black slims the figure, but is not suitable for everyone, as it can obscure the delicate features of the face and give them pallor.

Purple - the difficulty lies in the fact that it consists of red and blue - two opposites. Maybe that is why it is considered a sad color, and at the same time it is one of the most mysterious.
Purple is a symbol of wisdom and spirituality. Mysterious and extraordinary personalities choose this color.

Green - the color of hope, freshness, stability, harmony; as the color of foliage, grass, forests; calms the nerves. Most often, people with a high level of intelligence, easy to communicate, pay attention to it.

Yellow - a symbol of the sun, gold and at the same time the withering of nature. For instance, in Japan, yellow is mournful and sad. In Buddhism, it served as a symbol of humility and renunciation of the world, and in European heraldry it was a sign of distinction in society, it was worn only by nobles from the upper classes and kings.

Blue - symbolizes nobility, mystery. Knights in the Middle Ages dressed in a blue suit so that the lady was sure of their constancy and fidelity. It is preferred by business people with leadership qualities and determination.

Red - its positive meaning is joy, love, beauty - opposition - blood, fire, power. The Polynesians, for instance, used the word “red” to denote the word “beloved”. In China, it means “sincere, frank”. Lovers of this color in their wardrobe want to attract attention, emphasize their brightness. Designers recommend it to passionate and energetic people.

In the culture of Turkmenistan, red occupies a dominant role and manifests itself in all the richness of the palette - from pale pink to purple-violet hues. It is found in national costumes, carpets, yurt decoration and horse harness. Traditionally among the Turkmens, red symbolized the life-giving forces of nature. He was credited with magical properties, he protected a person.

In our time, Turkmen clothing has undergone significant changes, which are reflected in the cut, materials, and manner of wearing dresses, shirts, robes; but red and burgundy colors continue to be the most characteristic of the national costume.

One of the brightest representatives of the modern fashion industry of Turkmenistan is the Mähirli Zenan company.

The Mähirli Zenan design team knows how to work with flowers, mastering the entire gamut to perfection, and creates unique original national collections with ethnic motifs that adequately represent Turkmen culture at exhibitions and fashion shows.

Interesting techniques in color schemes, unusual details and well-placed accents in Mähirli Zenan collections surprise with their diversity. And the beauty of complex ornaments of national embroidery, made by hand, will not leave anyone indifferent.

You can become the owner of a luxurious dress, scarf, don from the Mähirli Zenan company by visiting branded stores at:

  • Ashgabat, st. Oguzhan, “Bagtyyarlyk” Shopping and entertainment Center, 1st floor, shop №4
  • Ashgabat, st. Garashsyzlyk, house 7, Älem


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