Soda with stars: the commercial break you have been waiting for

Soda with stars: the commercial break you have been waiting for

Attracting world-famous personalities to advertising campaigns is one of the most effective PR methods that permits to draw attention to the product even to that part of the audience that was not interested in it before.

In this context, trusting associations between the brand and the star play an important role - if Cristiano Ronaldo (or Azamat Musagaliyev) recommends this product, then there is a chance that they will not be deceived.

For stars, participation in advertising is an occasion to remind themselves once again in the information field and another way to earn money.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi

The rivalry for the attention of the audience of giants such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the media industry has been going on for decades.
Cola is one of the first global companies that thought of using Hollywood celebrities in advertising their drink. The company invited Marilyn Monroe, Hugh Laurie (“House M.D.”), Aishwarya Rai, Jared Leto, Keanu Reeves and Kylie Minogue to shoot.

An equally impressive list of celebrities in Pepsi advertising is Michael Jackson, Madonna, Shakira, the Spice Girls, Cindy Crawford.

And the Pepsi commercial featuring Enrique Iglesias, Britney Spears, Beyonce and Pink for the song We Will Rock You by Queen must have cost incredible money, but no doubt, it was remembered by many. Interestingly that after this advertisement, soda sales in the UK increased by 34% per year.

The struggle of competitors for football fans in the late 90s and early 2000s deserves special attention. Due to the fact that the Coca-Cola company became a sponsor of the 2002 World Cup, PepsiCo began to invite football stars of the first magnitude to shoot commercials.

“It's Not Beckham's Day” (2001) is a classic video. In the story, David Beckham, after an unsuccessful match between “Manchester United” and “Juventus”, descends under the stands and sees a boy drinking Pepsi. David asks for a soda, the boy treats him, having quenched his thirst, the football player returns the can back and is about to leave. At the request of the child, Beckham gives him a T-shirt with a smile, but he wipes can of soda with it and leaves.

In the frame, the viewer can see the back of a boy with the inscription “Juventus”, everything becomes clear that he is not a fan of the “Red Devils”.

Another headliner of Pepsi ads is the Brazilian footballer Roberto Carlos. The contract with him was concluded for 5 years and for 2 million euros per year.

In 2002, Pepsi launched a large-scale advertising campaign with the slogan Dare for more (Decide on more), under which a football team was created. It included dozens of top players: David Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Gianluigi Buffon, Edgar Davids, Rui Costa, Iker Casillas and many others.

Lipton Ice Tea

The world-famous brand of iced tea collaborated with “Wolverine” - Hugh Jackman for three years. In commercials, the Australian actor received slaps in the face, effectively got rid of an annoying fan, kissed a beauty and, of course, danced incendiary.

The Turkmen brand of soda drinks and drinking water Buzly Dag from IE Täjir Ýyldyzy cannot yet boast of commercials with world celebrities, but this does not affect the richness of their assortment.

The Buzly Dag product line includes drinks with flavors of lemon, orange, barberry, pear, Coca-Cola - only two dozen flavors, and also purified drinking water with and without gas.

The capacity of the enterprise permits to produce up to 6 thousand glass and up to 10 thousand plastic bottles of drinks and water per hour. Buzly Dag plans to increase production output and gradually develop foreign markets.



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