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KAMAZ in Turkmenistan: modern service centers, original spare parts and 10 000 vehicles

KAMAZ in Turkmenistan: modern service centers, original spare parts and 10 000 vehicles

“KAMAZ” is the largest corporation in Russia, one of the top 20 world’s leading manufacturers of heavy trucks. The production capacity of the auto giant permits the production of more than 70 thousand units of vehicles per year.

The group of organizations of “KAMAZ” PJSC unites 100 companies in Russia, the CIS and far abroad. Equipment on the KAMAZ chassis is operated in more than 80 countries of the world. Official dealer representatives are open in the EU countries, Cuba, Venezuela, India, Mongolia, Indonesia, etc.

The company in Turkmenistan is represented by a branch of “KAMAZ FTC Corp. LLP”, which in addition to supplying trucks for the needs of the country, carries out activities for warranty, service and maintenance of vehicles, sells spare parts and fuels and lubricants, and also trains specialists.

Turkmenistan and “KAMAZ” have been united by mutually beneficial cooperation for many years. More than 10 000 units of vehicles have been delivered and operated on the territory of the country.

“KAMAZ FTC Corp. LLP” supplies vehicles under government contracts to the ministries and departments of Turkmenistan, and leading industry and industrial enterprises.

The customers of “KAMAZ” equipment in Turkmenistan are the State Concerns “Turkmengas”, “Turkmennebit”, the State Cooperation “Turkmengeology”, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, the State Committee for Water Resources, the Ministry of Railway Transport, the Ashgabat City Administration, and private companies, regardless from the form of ownership.

All vehicles sold to Turkmenistan under government contracts are registered with the “KAMAZ FTC Crop. LLP”. Under the terms of the contracts, during the entire warranty period, all scheduled maintenance is mandatory.
Scheduled maintenance includes the replacement of consumables (air and oil filters), and the replacement of engine oil.

Service includes repair with replacement of spare parts, based on a defective act. In case of detection of serious breakdowns of the main components of equipment, disassembly, repair and/or replacement of engines, units, etc. is carried out.

The opening of the second “KAMAZ” service center was held in the city Turkmenbashi of Balkan velayat on November 10, 2021. The first one was opened in Ashgabat in 2008.

The new multifunctional service center is equipped with modern equipment for diagnostics, maintenance and repair of the entire model range of KAMAZ vehicles. The center includes an administrative building, a warehouse, a repair shop and a car wash.

Today projects for the construction of “KAMAZ” auto centers are being actively implemented in other regions of Turkmenistan. Sergey Kogogin, Director General of “KAMAZ”, spoke about this during his visit to Ashgabat on April 25 within the framework of the delegation of the head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

Also, he noted that the earlier concluded three-year contract for the supply of vehicles has been fully executed.

“We fulfil all warranty obligations and provide service support. Our intentions are to continue working, create new jobs in Turkmenistan, and meet the needs of the national economy in technology. We see the scale of the construction that is being carried out in Turkmenistan today. Not a single object can be built without trucks. Therefore, we are ready to provide the country with modern trucks, we are always together with Turkmenistan”, summed up the General Director of “KAMAZ”.

The widest range of special equipment is produced on the KAMAZ chassis, in particular, all types of special vehicles for the oil and gas complex, the construction industry, utilities and agriculture, commercial structures, including fire equipment, various types of passenger buses, light trucks (with a carrying capacity of up to 4 tons) and trailers.

Seminars and forums with the participation of representatives of the KAMAZ automobile concern to familiarize local specialists with new types of vehicles and spare parts are held on the basis of the branch in Ashgabat. Visits of customers directly to factories are also organized.

Contact details:

Address: Ashgabat, Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue 602, Training Service Center “KAMAZ”;
Phone: (+993 12) 75 22 04/05;
Fax: (+003 12) 75 19 70;

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