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The time of the first: the history of the emergence of online stores


Online shopping in the past few years has turned from exotic to something commonplace. It is no longer possible to surprise anyone with the opportunities that have opened up to purchase almost any goods, literally without leaving your home. In a few mouse clicks.

It seems that online shopping is a product of the 21st century, although in reality it is not: the very first of them appeared in the mid-90s of the last century, after the World Wide Web was no longer a means of exchanging data between American the military, and then for business correspondence between businessmen. The Internet became more and more widely available.

Jeff Bezos first came up with the idea of using the Internet as a trading platform in 1994. He decided to offer Internet users the opportunity to order goods, sitting at a computer screen. The very first product that Bezos put up for sale on the Internet was books: he rightly decided that they were easy to store and transport, they did not have an expiration date and could not "go bad" even if his new idea didn’t work. Then the assortment of the world's first online store was replenished with audio and video cassettes, and CD. The project was launched in 1995 and was named Amazon. Having once invested only 300 000 USD in it, Bezos is now the owner of a fortune of 193 billion USD, and Amazon's annual turnover in 2020 was 386 billion USD.

In Russia, the first online store appeared in 1997 and also initially sold only books, then switched to pillows, blankets and bed linen. The range of online stores has expanded and continues to expand indefinitely - now through the Internet you can buy almost anything, from clothes, bedding and books to furniture, household appliances, jewelry and antiques. The systems of remote payment for purchases and their delivery to any part of the world have been debugged.

Currently, almost everyone has heard such well-known names of online stores and marketplaces as Chinese Alibaba and, Ozon, Russian Wildberries, electronic auction eBay, Japanese platform Rakuten, furniture online store Ikea and others. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to count how many online stores exist around the world.

The popularity and demand for online stores in our country is growing every day. Through the Internet, residents of Turkmenistan buy food, clothing, household appliances, building materials, stationery, electronics. People are increasingly appreciating the benefits of shopping right from home or from the workplace.

One of these online stores is Sumbar Computer - a store of computer equipment, peripherals and accessories. It offers a wide range of computers and laptops, office equipment, storage devices, network equipment, surveillance and security systems and much more. The Sumbar Computer store practices door-to-door delivery of goods, as well as discounts to regular and corporate customers. Convenient navigation on the site and the availability of information on technical characteristics make it easy to select the desired model of equipment.

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