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How has technology grown

How has technology grown

The invention of household appliances - household helpers greatly facilitated the life of a 20th century inhabitant. Washing machines, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners - all this has become a daily routine, without which it is already difficult to imagine everyday life.

The XXI century was marked by the fact that household appliances have “grown wiser” in comparison with their predecessors. Now it not only performs the assigned functions, but also does it so efficiently that the owner can only press the necessary buttons and patiently wait for the results.

“Intelligent” household appliances are also available to residents of Turkmenistan. At any time, you can purchase a “smart” assistant by contacting the Tm LG Gurtly home appliances store, which is the official distributor of LG. Here you can find the latest examples of modern household appliances that can greatly facilitate the work of housewives, perfectly preserve food and extend the life of even clothes made from delicate fabrics.

In our publication, we will consider some types of "smart" technologies used in modern household appliances.

Washing machines

Modern washing machines can boast of a lot of useful functions. The intelligence of electronic "washers" allows them to wash all types of fabrics with high quality, preventing them from wearing out. For example, the intelligent AI DD system in LG typewriters. It is not only able to determine the properties of the fabric - weight and degree of softness, but also takes into account how the load will be distributed in the drum. And the LG Turbo Wash 360 "quick wash" system is able to wash your laundry in less than 40 minutes. The result is achieved using a special type of water spraying with 3D Multispray detergent. Water is supplied to the laundry in the drum under pressure and at different angles, thanks to which it better penetrates the fibers of the fabric.


The refrigerator was created for freezing and storing perishable food, but even in these, the food has undergone changes that affect their freshness and taste. In our time, these main functions have been supplemented by a dozen others, "smart" refrigerators not only protect food from quick spoilage, but also preserve their useful properties and taste.

In the last century, every refrigerator required periodic defrosting, which could take up to several hours. The vast majority of modern refrigerators are equipped with the "No frost" system, due to which an ice "coat" does not form in the freezer, and cold air simply circulates throughout the entire space of the refrigerator.

The "Vacation" mode allows you to save energy when the refrigerator is on during your absence. The electronics raise the temperature in the refrigerator compartment, but keep it constant in the freezer. This reduces energy consumption and prevents odors during extended periods of inactivity.

In the 21st century, refrigerators have “grown wiser” so much that they allow you to control yourself at a distance of several kilometers from your home. The function of remote control of the refrigerator via a smartphone or tablet makes it easier to monitor its condition and prevents unpleasant consequences in the event of a breakdown. A remote-controlled refrigerator is able to warn the owner of a malfunction or that the door is not closed tightly.

Samsung refrigerators are capable of connecting to Wi-Fi. Thus, through a smartphone or tablet, you can set the desired temperature regime, enable super freezing and much more. A refrigerator with a tablet-type touchscreen on the door allows you to do everything as with a tablet, except for refrigerator functions: view the weather forecast or news, make a list of products and order them online. The water dispenser in the door of Samsung refrigerators has acquired the function of supplying not only chilled, but also carbonated water.

LG refrigerators with "Door-in-Door" function even allow you to view their contents without opening the door: just knock on it to make it transparent.


Previously, in order to iron the clothes properly and not to burn things, it was necessary to take many additional steps - from not overheating the iron on the charcoal and ending with using a wet cloth to make ironing silk, cotton and linen items easier. All modern irons are equipped with thermostats and a steam function.

Steam can be supplied normally, or maybe by the "steam boost" method - powerful jets of steam under pressure allow you to smooth out the most old folds, ideally iron things from thick and coarse fabrics, up to tarpaulin. Well, the steam generation system usually required manual descaling, but modern "smart" irons are equipped with self-cleaning systems: directly with a jet of water or water together with a "steam boost".

LG or Samsung irons also have a vertical steaming function, without ironing. Also, modern units are equipped with a fire safety system: they automatically turn off if they stand in a horizontal position for 30 or more seconds or in a vertical position for 10 or more minutes. Of particular note are cordless irons with a rechargeable battery, which, however, needs to be recharged from time to time. They allow ironing in awkward places where the ironing board cannot be squeezed in or the outlet is too far away and uncomfortable.


The function of modern microwaves is more than just cooking food. Microwave ovens have many modes: grilling - frying meat, and convection, when the fan accelerates hot air, so that the food is evenly baked, and the combined "grill + convection" mode.

The electronic filling of the microwave oven also provides a delayed start. Thus, you can provide yourself with a hot dish immediately upon arrival from work or in the morning, when there is no time to cook a hot breakfast.

In modern microwave ovens, everything has been done so that housewives do not have to spend hours wiping their insides from the splashes of cooking food. To do this, ovens use two "smart" methods: pyrolytic - the walls are heated to 500-600 degrees, the dirt burns to ash, which is then simply removed with a rag; catalytic method - the walls in such microwave ovens are coated with a special catalytic composition. When fat gets on them, it reacts with a catalyst and decomposes into water, carbon dioxide and organic residues, which are then burned. The method, however, works only with fatty contaminants; it is useless against splashes from milk, sugar, juices of vegetables and fruits.

The food weight sensor allows you to adjust the cooking time. The food won't burn, but it won't stay soggy either. Childproofing will prevent small children from getting into the "inside" of the microwave and stuffing something that could ruin the unit. A few more useful functions of microwave ovens: energy saving mode, maintaining heat for a prepared dish, signaling that a dish is ready or the need to turn meat to the other side.

All this can be purchased at the Tm LG Gurtly store. A wide selection of goods will satisfy the most demanding taste, and the purchase can be paid both in cash and by credit card or bank transfer. The store also organizes free delivery of goods in Ashgabat and other provinces. All goods manufactured in Russia are guaranteed. To get acquainted with a wide range of products, follow the link.


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