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"Tmcell Sazz" service is an inexhaustible source of music for music lovers

"Tmcell Sazz" service is an inexhaustible source of music for music lovers

Where can you listen to songs of Turkmen singers and world famous songs online? We present you the "Tmcell Sazz" service.

What is "Tmcell Sazz" service and what is its purpose?

«Tmcell Sazz» - a service provided by the closed joint-stock company "Altyn Asyr" to its subscribers to listen different songs.

In fact, the name of the service sounds like “Çäksiz saz” (Music without limits). To use this service, you need to install a special mobile application "Tmcell Sazz" on your phone. In this regard, the service is widely known under the name "Tmcell Sazz".

The Çäksiz saz service offers an unlimited number of songs of various genres for Altyn Asyr subscribers. The app currently contains about 300,000 songs. 

Where to download the application and how to activate the service?

Requirements to use this service:

  • download mobile app «Tmcell Sazz» with «Google Play» or «AppStore»;
  • activate the service «Çäksiz saz» to the phone number. 
  • dial * 0809 * 11 # on your phone;
  • pay for the service. Service cost for 1 month: 10 manat.

The privilege of application

The ability to listen to different songs at any time without an Internet connection, the presence of a simple and intuitive interface, a section of songs by genres and categories, a quick search menu and an ever-growing list of songs.

Do you listen to online music, what website or application do you use?

Write to us and we will share with our readers. 

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