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"Nebitmash" performs all types of turning and milling work with a wide variety of materials


The diversified state enterprise "Nebitmash" offers services for a wide range of turning and milling, as well as forging works.

Having a powerful production base and qualified personnel, "Nebitmash" guarantees the quality and a wide range of manufactured products. Turning and milling works are performed with the following types of metals and alloys:

  • stainless steel;
  • copper;
  • bronze;
  • brass;
  • aluminum;
  • tool steel, etc.

Modern equipment, equipped with additional tools, permits you to perform such types of work with high accuracy: as processing of external and internal cylindrical and conical surfaces, threading, milling grooves, grooves, dowels, drilling holes at different angles, reaming, processing shaped surfaces and others.

The list of milling works carried out by the "Nebitmash" enterprise includes milling end surfaces, drilling holes for threading, milling grooves, slots, keyways.

Contact details of the "Nebitmash" enterprise:

  • address: Ashgabat, st. 2008 (N. Pomma), building 6;
  • phones: (+993 65) 69 91 64; (+993 12) 76 02 43; 76 03 69;
  • fax: (+993 12) 76 02 25.

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