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SE “Nebitmash” realizes fuses and insulators of various types for the electrical industry of Turkmenistan


The state enterprise “Nebitmash” of the Ministry of Industry and Building Materials of Turkmenistan produces fuses of the PN-2 brand. This type of electrical products is used to protect power and auxiliary systems in case of overloads and short circuits. Fuses are designed for rated voltage up to 0,4 kV and rated current 100A, 250A, 400A, 630A.

SE “Nebitmash” also manufactures insulators for the domestic market. Among them is a reinforced high-voltage support-rod insulator UHLT S 4-80-I, designed for insulating and fastening electrical equipment and switchgear with a frequency of up to 1000 Hertz and a voltage of over 1000 Volts, current wires at power plants and substations, equipped with switchgears at a height up to 1000 meters from sea level.

The insulators differ in the configuration of the installed elements.

In the arsenal of products of SE “Nebitmash” reinforced porcelain traction insulator ITG-10-7,5-58 I UZ, used for mechanical connection or insulation of parts of electrical equipment, with a frequency of up to 60 Hertz and a voltage of up to 10 kV.

The company also manufactures bushings for power transformers of the IPT-1/250, IPT-1/400, IPT-1/630, IPT-1/1000 brands with a rated voltage of 1 kV for the domestic market.

In addition, SE “Nebitmash” offers input contacts of transformers, including an input contact for a chain cable of a hairpin winding output or connection to a transformer bus with a rated voltage of up to 1 kV, thread size M30, M33, as well as an input contact of transformers with a rated voltage of up to 1 kV. Thread size M12, M16, M20, M24.

Address SE “Nebitmash”: Ashgabat, st. 2008, building 6.

Phones: (+993 65) 69 91 64; (+993 12) 76 02 43; 76 03 69. Fax: (+993 12) 76 02 25.

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