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The state enterprise “Nebitmash” offers a wide range of products for the electrical industry


The state enterprise “Nebitmash” of the Ministry of Industry and Building Materials of Turkmenistan manufactures products for the electrical industry of the country.

SE “Nebitmash” offers knife switches RPS 1-100A, RPS 2-250A and RPS 2-400A for use at voltages up to 0,4 kV. and a frequency of 50 Hz.

SE “Nebitmash” also manufactures for the domestic market high-voltage fuses of the PK brands with quartz sand and PN-2 (for a rated voltage of up to 0,4 kV and a rated current of 100A, 250A, 400A, 630A) to protect power circuits, electrical wires and transformers voltage.

In addition, the State Enterprise “Nebitmash” sews overalls for employees of enterprises in the oil and gas and electrical industries: jackets, pea coats, pants, protective gloves, bedding sets. For the manufacture of uniforms, gabardine material of increased strength is used, as well as strips of reflective fabric.

Address SE “Nebitmash”: Ashgabat, st. 2008, building. 6.

Phones: (+993 12) 76 02 43; 76 03 69, (+993 65) 69 91 64. Fax: (+993 12) 76 02 25.

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