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Japanese scientist became a bird, but the birds did not recognize him


Japanese ornithologist Toshitaka Suzuki spent a year trying to make friends with tits by wearing a bird mask. However, the scientist’s plan to “pass for his own” failed, he never managed to circle the birds around his finger, writes “MIR 24” with reference to Oddity Central.

Previously, the scientist, together with colleagues, discovered that some birds are able to distinguish between human faces and even put people on the “black list”. Once on the ban list, a person will no longer be able to get close to the birds, since they will constantly give alarm signals when he approaches.

In the past, Toshitaka Suzuki lost the trust of the tits by weighing their chicks. Then the scientist began to come to the place of their nesting with a mask of a bird on his head. But, as a year of experiment showed, this method does not work.

On social networks, the scientist was advised to wear a full suit of a titmouse, and for persuasiveness, take a worm in its beak.

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