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Turkmen musicians conquer Germany


The chamber orchestra conducted by Rasul Klychev, which takes part in the 74th International Festival of Young Performers, is touring with great success in the Federal Republic of Germany. The general theme of the music forum in Bayreuth is "Rituals". Turkmen concerts are held under the thematic name "Music of the winds of the Karakum". This was told to a correspondent of the Turkmenportal website from Germany by the head of the Turkmen creative landing force - a specialist in the department of libraries, museums and educational institutions of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan.

It has become a good tradition for Turkmen musicians to take part in the festival in Bayreuth, the city of outstanding composers Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner, whose name is associated with the founding of this creative forum in 1876, which annually gathers talents from around the world.

Turkmen musicians have become not just regular participants of the holiday, but favorites of the public, whose performances the audience is looking forward to. In recent years, they have developed their own concert tradition - they go on tour through the small towns of Bavaria and perform in churches and cozy courtyards in the open air.

The favorite concert venues of the youth chamber orchestra conducted by Rasul Klychev were the monastery church in Bayreuth and the old cathedral in the city of Steinhart. In these most beautiful temples with extraordinary acoustics, concerts are held in a special atmosphere.

The sophisticated audience is waiting for a meeting with representatives of the musical culture of Turkmenistan. This was evidenced by the current concerts of the chamber orchestra, which brought together music lovers from around the world, journalists and numerous city residents. Some fans of the Turkmen team came to listen to it from other cities, among them were Turkmens living in Germany.

The concert program included works from the treasury of European and Turkmen musical classics. The listeners were awarded with a round of applause the performances of musicians and vocalists, who performed works by outstanding Turkmen composers - Nury Halmamedov, Chary Nurymov, Rejep Allayarov. Flutist Selbi Ovezova, clarinetist Yusup Ovezov, oboist Didar Yumudov, vocalist Gozel Annakhanova, who touched the audience with her unusually beautiful booming soprano, deserved the Bravo.

The success of the performances of Turkmen musicians was also reported in the German press. Dr. Frank Piontek, a journalist and cultural commentator, noted the extraordinary "accuracy with which the ensemble of young musicians led by Rasul Klychev realizes the musical text, while always, and in every line, gives rise to poetry, movement and charm, making music out of sound."

Among the stunning "exhibits from the musical baggage of the Turkmen" the journalist named live melodies - "compositions from their homeland, from Turkmenistan - such alien worlds that enchant from the first sound." A special flavor, the German music observer believes, is created by the musicians' clothes, which bring gentle folklore charm to the stage. “When the ensemble performs Edward Elgar's Serenade for String Orchestra at the beginning of the concert, it already declares itself, because it is impossible to play it more subtle, delicate and intimate,” the journalist notes.

In total, within the framework of their stay in Germany, Turkmen artists will give several concerts, each of which will open the musical culture of Turkmenistan to foreign music lovers, introduce them to the original traditions and customs of the country.

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