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The plant “Balkan” has repaired a tanker of the national fleet of Turkmenistan


The shipbuilding and ship repair plant “Balkan” has completed the repair of the tanker Atamyrat Nyýazow, which will soon go to sea. The vessel carries oil and oil products and has a gross tonnage of 4260 tons (GT). The ship was built in 2001 and was repaired by local specialists, according to the Agency of Sea and River Routes of Turkmenistan.

Since the beginning of 2019, the “Balkan” shipbuilding and ship repair plant has successfully completed work on more than 80 ships of various types. Prior to the opening of the plant, work on the repair of ships of the national fleet was carried out at the shipyards of the Caspian countries. At present time, the plant provides shipbuilding and ship repair work, which saves a significant amount of time.

The process of repairing ships at foreign shipyards can be a costly and time-consuming procedure. Using a local factory reduces delivery time and speeds up the assembly process. Due to its efficiency, the “Balkan” plant ensures faster completion of projects, which contributes to increased competitiveness in the market of the shipbuilding industry. This attracts customers and promotes further development.

The “Balkan” shipyard also permits to reduce the cost of building ships, as it has an affordable technical potential and labor force. This contributes to a more efficient use of the budget and makes construction prices more attractive to customers. In addition, the plant pays attention to training and advanced training of local specialists.

The production characteristics of the shipbuilding and ship repair plant “Balkan” represent the potential to ensure efficient construction and repair of ships using modern technologies that meet international standards. The plant has the capacity to process 10 thousand tons of steel annually, which makes it possible to build 4 to 6 ships per year. In addition, the plant is capable of repairing up to 20-30 ships annually, while processing 2 thousand tons of steel.

The process of building ships includes all stages, from the acceptance of materials, pre-treatment and assembly, and ending with the launch of the vessel on the water. The plant has all the necessary infrastructure that allows it to successfully implement the most complex and large-scale projects in the field of shipbuilding and ship repair.

The total area of the plant is 166 thousand square meters, which provides enough space for the production and repair of ships of various types and sizes.

At present time, in order to develop the national merchant marine fleet, the shipbuilding and ship repair plant “Balkan” is planning to start construction of ships of various types as soon as possible.

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