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Wushu masters from Turkmenistan won three gold, five silver and 10 bronze medals at the Kyrgyzstan Open-2023 tournament


In the city of Cholpon-Ata on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan, the international wushu-sanda and hand-to-hand combat tournament Kyrgyzstan Open-2023 ended, where Turkmen athletes showed excellent results and won 18 prizes.

More than 600 participants from 10 countries competed at the tournament, which was held at the “Gazprom for Children” sports complex, in the disciplines “Duel” among different age and weight categories and “Self-defense” among men and women, ZV reports with reference to the State Committee for Sports of Turkmenistan. Turkmen wushu wrestlers won three gold, five silver and 10 bronze medals.

Gold medals went to: Eziz Annayev (weight category up to 25 kg), Seydulla Akmammedov (up to 65 kg) and Shohrat Rejepov (up to 75 kg).

Silver medals were won by: Pena Rovshengeldiyev (up to 32 kg), Yazgeldy Saparov (up to 33 kg), Davud Toylyev (over 45 kg), Gudrat Berdiliev (up to 56 kg) and Vepa Orazov (over 85 kg), and bronze - Islammuhammet Dovletov ( up to 36 kg), Suleyman Yunusov (up to 48 kg), Atahan Muhammedov, Sanjar Artykov (both - up to 52 kg), Hezret Ovezgeldiyev, Kemran Latipov (both - up to 60 kg), Tirkeshgeldi Garajayev (up to 65 kg), Abdyrahman Ilmyradov, Mekan Paltayev (both - up to 70 kg) and Maksatmyrat Aliyev (up to 80 kg).

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