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“Turkmen Airlines” presented the current schedule of flights from Ashgabat to Istanbul


The current flight schedule of “Turkmenistan” Airlines on the Ashgabat-Istanbul-Ashgabat route, which will start operating from August 2, 2023, has become known.

Here is the flight schedule. It is worth noting that local time is indicated for each airport.

Ashgabat (ASB) – Istanbul (IST), flight T5-901

on Tuesdays and Wednesdays:
• departure at 05:50
• arrival at 08:10

Istanbul (IST) - Ashgabat (ASB), T5-902

on Tuesdays and Wednesdays:

• departure at 09:45
• arrival at 15:35

Ashgabat (ASB) – Istanbul (IST), T5-921

on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays:

• departure at 18:40
• arrival at 20:40

Istanbul (IST) - Ashgabat (ASB), T5-922

on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays:

• departure at 22:15
• arrival at 04:05

Ashgabat (ASB) – Istanbul (IST), T5-985

on Saturdays:

• departure at 14:10
• arrival at 16:10

Istanbul (IST) - Ashgabat (ASB), T5-986
on Saturdays:

• departure at 17:40
• arrival at 23:30

Ashgabat (ASB) – Istanbul (IST), T5-927

on Sundays:

• departure at 22:20
• arrival at 00:20

Istanbul (IST) - Ashgabat (ASB), T5-928

on Mondays:

• departure at 02:00
• arrival at 07:50

According to the new schedule, the planes of “Turkmenistan” Airlines will be sent to 9 destinations in 8 countries.

The airline's international communications network covers Delhi (India), Dubai (UAE), Frankfurt am Main (Germany), Kazan (Russia), Moscow (Russia), London (Great Britain), Beijing (China) and Istanbul (Türkiye).

You can learn more about the flight schedule and purchase tickets on the official website of “Turkmenistan” Airlines.

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