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Tut Drinks has launched its new product, the fortified drink Red Tut


Tut Drinks, a non-alcoholic carbonated beverage company known to the Turkmen consumer for its Tut brand soft drinks, presents its new product - Red Tut fortified carbonated drink with barberry flavor.

Red Tut is available in 0,4-liter PET bottles. It consists of purified drinking water, sugar, citric acid and natural flavor “Barberry”. No artificial flavors or GMOs are used in the production of the drink.

Drinks from Tut Drinks are becoming more and more popular in Turkmenistan, confidently occupying their niche in the country's food market. Under the Tut brand, the company produces such drinks as Gurt, Tut Cola, Tut Orange, Tut Zirk-Limon, Belle, Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera Mango, as well as Tut and Kewser purified drinking water with and without gas.

The company has the most modern production equipment, has its own laboratory for the development of new recipes and product quality control. The company has its own distribution network and offices in all regions of Turkmenistan.

Tut drinks from Tut Drinks are available in stores and supermarkets across the country. Also, the brand's novelty, the Red Tut drink, can be found on the company's page on the social network.

Contact phone: (+993 62) 62 44 44. E-mail:

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