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Turkmen fencers went to the World Championship in Milan


The Fencing Federation of Turkmenistan has announced the names of six athletes who will fight for medals at the world championship in Italy. They will perform in the “epee” discipline, reports “Orient”.

The men's team of Turkmenistan will compete: Ahmed Agayev, Mekan Durdyev, Jumanazar Dovletnazarov and Nurmuhammed Davydov. Lachin Yegenmuradova and Nabat Arazova will defend the honor of the country in the women's category.

Milan will host over a thousand fencers from 120 countries. The World Championship is one of the stages of selection for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. The tournament will provide an opportunity to earn a lot of points in the Olympic race. The championship will last until July 30.

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