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The seventh day of the “Silk Way” rally: Danatarov's crew continues to pursue the leaders of the race


The pilot of the Automobile Sports Federation of Turkmenistan Maksatmyrat Danatarov continues to pursue the leaders of the standings of serial T2 SUVs Melnikov from the “Podmoskovye” team and Petrov from the “Rus” team, reports

The seventh stage of the “Silk Way” International Rally, which connected Saratov and Volgograd, consisted of two special stages with a total length of about 430 kilometers.

Now there are only two stages left before the finish of the largest race in Eurasia - the participants have less and less time to make a breakthrough and improve their position in the overall standings.

At the eighth stage of the rally-raid, the participants will have to pass the section from Volgograd to Lipetsk.

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