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Danatarov's crew took third place at the sixth stage of the “Silk Way”


The crew of the team of the Automobile Sports Federation of Turkmenistan on the Nissan Patrol SUV driven by Maksatmyrat Danatarov took second place in the sixth stage of the “Silk Way” rally raid in the standings of serial T2 class SUVs, reports.

Participants overcame two special stages on the route Samara - Saratov, more than 260 kilometers long. The first high-speed segment - 136 kilometers long - turned out to be difficult from a piloting point of view and set a number of difficult tasks for the navigators. At the same time, the second special stage, with a length of 126 kilometers, was a scattering of high-speed tracks demanding athletes' technique.

The first place was taken by the crew of the “Podmoskovye” team led by Anton Melnikov in a Toyota LC 200 car. The second place was taken by the crew of the “Niva” driven by Evgeny Sukhovenko.

It should be noted that following the results of six stages of the “Silk Way”, Maksatmyrat Danatarov became the main pursuer of Melnikov. In the overall standings, their crews share 46 minutes.

The representative of the “RUS” team, Leonid Petrov, fell back to third place, but is still ahead of Merdan Toylyev, Shamyrat Gurbanov and Evgeny Sukhovenko, who is sixth in the T2 standings.

The largest rally-raid in Eurasia is coming to a climax - there are only three stages left to the finish line, and now every mistake can be decisive.

At the seventh stage of the rally-raid, the participants will have to pass the section from Saratov to Volgograd.

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