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AshGTS offers a new service - Call center


“Ashgabat City Telephone Network” CJSC offers government agencies, organizations, small and medium-sized businesses to use the Call center service.

This service permits to organize the processing of a large volume of phone calls, which is especially important for organizations or entrepreneurs with a large customer base or selling widely demanded goods.

Special server equipment with software is located in the building of “Ashgabat City Telephone Network” CJSC and is under technical supervision 24 hours a day to ensure uninterrupted operation.

For customers who have connected to the Call center service, at their request, from 2-3 to 30 operator jobs are organized and adjusted to service incoming calls.

The operator's workplace at the expense of the client is equipped with a computer (laptop), operator's headset.

The telephone number of an enterprise or organization intended for mass clientele, connected to the Call center service, can receive several calls at the same time and this number will always be available for incoming calls, since the call will arrive at the workplace of a free operator. In the event that at the time of the call all operators are busy, the call is placed in the “parking lot” with musical accompaniment and will be connected immediately to the freed operator.

With the connection of the Call center service, it is enough to have one or two easy-to-remember phone numbers for uninterrupted customer service.

At the request of customers interested in connecting the Call center service, “Ashgabat City Telephone Network” CJSC can provide it for testing and evaluation within one month.

Phones for inquiries and information: (+993 12) 49 58 00, (+993 12) 42 04 22.

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