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Specialists of the consulting company Standard Hyzmat were trained in the new version of the GLOBAL G.A.P.


The new version of the GLOBAL G.A.P. the specialists of the consulting company Standart Hyzmat were the first in Turkmenistan to master it. Having successfully passed the exams, they confirmed their competence in certification according to version 6.0.

The new version of the food quality standard 6.0 dictates a stricter policy on the application of plant protection products and the use of fertilizers.

This system is a modern standard for product safety and is used all over the world. Farmers who want to work consistently with serious customers in any country should take this trend into account.

Standard Hyzmat specialists are ready to provide their services to Turkmen agricultural producers in certification according to version 6.0.

Let us remind, GLOBAL G.A.P. is the main world standard regulating the safety of agricultural products. It was developed by a European retailer who wanted to be sure that the products on their shelves were safe.

Today, about 100 countries of the world work with this standard, about 160 thousand certificates have already been issued.

In Turkmenistan, the demand for certification is growing every year. Thus, the agricultural producer ES “Yigit” with the joint work of consultants Standart Hyzmat received the first certificate of GLOBAL G.A.P. in Turkmenistan.

Advantages of GLOBAL G.A.P. is the recognition of the company in the market, the formation of a good image. This is also the desired price for grown products, which the modern market can offer. GLOBAL G.A.P. also in demand by exhibitors of international exhibitions.

More detailed information about the activities of Standart Hyzmat and certification under the new version can be obtained directly from the company's office at the address: Ashgabat, st. Bagtyyarlyk, 9, 1st floor. Phones: (+993 64) 19 86 68, (+993 65) 71 81 86. E-mail address:

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