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The Association of Driving Schools of Turkmenistan provided data on the number of students for the first quarter of 2023


The number of people wishing to be trained in driving, get a new skill or improve their driving skills among the citizens of Turkmenistan is growing every year. Representatives of the Association of Automobile Schools of Turkmenistan announced the statistics of driving training for various categories for the first quarter of 2023.

Thus, from January to March of this year, 922 people were trained in driving for category “B”, 284 people for category “C”, and 5,306 people for “BC”.

This year, 1016 people completed training for the possession of the rights of category “D”, and 892 people for the rights of “E”.

Also, 1126 people were trained to drive heavy trucks, 1300 people were trained to transport dangerous goods, 211 people underwent advanced training.

The above figures exceed the data for the same period in 2022 by an average of 100-150 people. Statistical data were collected on the indicators of all republican branches of the Association of Driving Schools of Turkmenistan.

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