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TG.Modern.Art art gallery offers an exclusive selection of contemporary art

TG.Modern.Art art gallery offers an exclusive selection of contemporary art

The Ashgabat gallery TG.Modern.Art presents original paintings by the Turkmen artist Klych Tatov, an adherent of modern abstract art.

The name of the artist, despite his youth, is well known in the Turkmen and foreign art environment. Klych Tatov is a graduate of the State Art College and the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan, a member of the Union of Artists of the country, a participant in many vernissages in the capital. Many of the artist's works are in the collections of foreign lovers of contemporary art - in China, Russia, the Czech Republic, America, France and other countries.

The works presented in the TG.Modern.Art gallery are very different in style: there are surreal paintings, abstract compositions, and works in the spirit of abstract expressionism. It is no coincidence that Klych Tatov considers Vasily Kandinsky, a Russian painter and fine art theorist who was at the origins of abstractionism, as well as the founder of cubism, the Spanish and French artist Pablo Picasso, to be authorities in art.

TG.Modern.Art positions itself as a platform for creative communication. The gallery, which opened in 2019, has become a place of attraction for the artist's colleagues and numerous admirers of his work. Creative meetings and exhibitions of works by Klych Tatov are often held here.

In the gallery you can not only get acquainted with the creative aspirations of the author of the original paintings, but also purchase them or make a special order.

Those wishing to purchase paintings can be given professional advice on their placement in a particular interior.

With an individual order, the wishes of the customer are taken into account, including the size, plot, color and style of the picture, and advice is given on its placement.

Services include purchase delivery and installation.

The gallery TG.Modern.Art is located in the Shopping and Entertainment Center “Ashgabat”, 2nd floor, С-2.59.

Phones for information: (+993 61) 34 35 39; (+993 65) 03 32 31. Page in the social network.

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