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Mutual trade turnover between Turkmenistan and Iran exceeded 435 million dollars in 11 months


According to the Customs Administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the volume of trade between Turkmenistan and Iran during the first 11 months of the current Iranian year (March 21, 2022 - February 19) reached 435.73 million dollars, which is 32.18% more compared to the same period of the previous year, according to the Financial Tribune.

It is also noted that during the specified period, Iran's trade (excluding the export of crude oil) with the Caspian states amounted to 5.99 million tons worth 3,34 billion dollars.

The main trading partner of Iran among the Caspian states was Russia (3,36 million tons worth 1,97 billion dollars). It is followed by Azerbaijan with 715,780 tons worth 636,55 million dollars, Turkmenistan with 1,2 million tons worth 435,73 million dollars and Kazakhstan with 709,016 tons worth 292,99 million dollars.

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