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The manager of the building spoke about the advantages of the Ak Ýol banquet hall

The manager of the building spoke about the advantages of the Ak Ýol banquet hall

The success of a festive event depends to a large extent on the venue and on the experience of the attendants.

The manager of Ak Ýol told about what to look for when choosing a banquet hall using the example of his building.

The spacious hall is an opportunity to comfortably accommodate guests. The large area of Ak Ýol permits not only to accommodate up to one thousand people, but also leaves enough space for a dance floor.

Zoning is relevant and convenient. Thus, the Ak Ýol banquet hall has separate areas for photo shoots and a location for children where competitions can be held.

An individual approach is the main task of the banquet hall for customers. The Ak Ýol team will create an individual menu, and the service staff will monitor the comfort of the guests.

Bonuses from the building:

Ak Ýol offers several types of free services. Among them are the design of the hall, modern lighting and sound equipment, three screens for displaying photos and videos, a laser show and a smoke machine.

Also, as a gift from Ak Ýol, all newlyweds are provided with a suite in a hotel and a Lincoln convertible. In addition, the Ak Ýol restaurant offers installments up to 36 months for wedding banquets.

The Ak Ýol banquet hall is waiting for the residents of Turkmenistan at the address: Ashgabat, Bagt köşgi wedding ceremony center, Bagtyyarlyk street, 15.

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