Turkmenistan exported 104 thousand tons of tomatoes abroad in 2022

Turkmenistan exported 104 thousand tons of tomatoes abroad in 2022

Turkmenistan in 2022 exported 104 thousand tons of tomatoes to Russian and other countries, the newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan” reports with the reference to the data of the UIET.

This is significantly more than in 2021, when Turkmenistan entered the top-four the largest suppliers of greenhouse tomatoes in the RF and become the main supplier of such products to Tajikistan, where the first Turkmen tomatoes were shipped in 2020.

The electronic formation of export goods mastered by the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan with the help of an integrated information system helps to send goods to foreign consumers promptly.
Most of the food products are now grown by private farms and business structures.

In Turkmenistan, 712 hectares of greenhouse areas have been allocated for the cultivation of greenhouse vegetables, including tomatoes. Vegetable greenhouses continue to be built en masse. Modern technologies and seeds of tall and high-yielding varieties are used in greenhouses for cultivation in closed ground, including “cherry”, “rugantino”, “altes”, “merlis”, “juanita”, “tomimaru mucho”, etc.

The season of production of tomatoes lasts almost all year round, excluding the hot period when a sanitary cleaning, plant change, nutrient substrates are carried out in greenhouses, and ground vegetables come into force on the market, which fill the consumer basket until winter.

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