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In 5 years, the number of Turkmen students at Saratov University has grown 2.5 times


As of October 1, 2022, more than a thousand residents of Turkmenistan are studying at Saratov State University.

Over the last five years, the dynamics of the number of the Turkmen students has increased 2.5 times – from 474 persons in the 2017/2018 academicс year to 1159 in 2022/2023. This was reported by the Vice-Rector for International Affairs of the SSU Dmitriy Konakov at the meeting of the round table “Russian – Turkmen cooperation in the field of education”, held in Ashgabat.

The most popular among Turkmen students remain the directions of pedagogical profile, he noted, reports saratov.bezformata website.

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