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Turkmenistan has laid the legal framework for the development of a private notary


In accordance with the new law of Turkmenistan “On Notary and Notary Activities”, published today, the legal basis for the development of a private notary in the country has been laid.

In particular, the new law considers the notaries of Turkmenistan as a system consisting of bodies and authorized officials and private notaries working on the basis of a license that gives the right to carry out notarial activities, which are entrusted with the tasks of notarial activities to certify indisputable rights, as well as facts having legal significance, and giving them legal certainty.

Article 20 of the Law is devoted to the legal status of a private notary, whose license must be registered in the Information Database of License Holders of the Ministry of Adalat of Turkmenistan. The law also defines the activities of assistants and trainees of a notary.

The Law of Turkmenistan “On Notaries and Notarial Activities” comes into force on January 1, 2023. From the date of the entry into force of the new Law, the Law of Turkmenistan “On Notaries and Notarial Activities” dated August 18, 2015, and related additions and changes will be recognized as invalid.

You can get acquainted with the Law in today's newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan”.

Earlier, we reported that the law “On Circus and Circus Art” came into force in Turkmenistan, according to which the development of private circus groups became possible in the country.

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