ES Peragat launches canned fruits and vegetables Nesil

ES Peragat launches canned fruits and vegetables Nesil

The economic society Peragat offers the residents of Turkmenistan a wide range of canned vegetables and fruits under the Nesil brand.

Since 2018, the company has been producing various types of canned products - pickled cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes, red peppers in oil, assorted, eggplant caviar, cabbage with beets, adjika, smoke cooked on an open fire in the best oriental traditions. As well as several types of jam - from blackberries, strawberries, apricots, peaches, cherries, dogwoods.

This year ES Peragat has expanded its product range by adding a variety of compotes from cherry plum, quince, peach, rosehip, blackberry, cherry, dogwood, strawberry, feijoa and apricot. In the production of Nesil products, Peragat does not use artificial additives, dyes or flavors, and only vegetables and fruits from Turkmen producers are used as raw materials. Jams, pickles and compotes ofthe Nesil brand can be found in stores throughout Turkmenistan.

The enterprise is equipped with modern equipment, which permits to produce over 1 million canned food per year. ES Peragat will continue to expand its product range and plans to enter foreign markets and start supplying canned vegetables and fruits to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

To learn more about ES Peragat products, it is recommended to contact company representatives by phone (+993 64) 88 88 02 and (+993 12) 36 19 03. Email address:

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