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Owadan Ülke products are in the shopping cart trend

Owadan Ülke products are in the shopping cart trend

Thanks to the policy of import substitution, private business in Turkmenistan received incentives for development and reached a new qualitative level. Turkmen food producers are confidently expanding the range of manufactured products, as well as increasing the supply of goods to the country's shelves.

One of the successfully developing enterprises is the Owadan Ülke Economic Society, which produces canned vegetables and fruits, mayonnaise, ketchup, as well as fruit and berry jam under the trademarks Nur, Mylaýym and Hazyna. The assortment of the enterprise includes more than 50 types of long-term storage products.

It is worth noting that the Owadan Ülke plant was the first in Turkmenistan to produce high-quality mayonnaise from cottonseed oil, as well as vegetable spread. At the same time, new directions are regularly explored. Among the latest achievements is the production of dessert paste from cottonseed oil without the addition of soy and third-party ingredients.

For the production of canned vegetables and fruits: marinades, jams, snacks, only natural raw materials are used. Vegetables and fruits come to the plant from local farmers, so all products are harmless and environmentally friendly.

Imported raw materials for mayonnaise and top quality ketchup come from European countries. Raw materials are supplied by large manufacturers whose products meet international standards.

In addition, Owadan Ülke has developed and implemented quality and food safety management systems. The entire production process is certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2015 and HACCP management standards.

A regular participant in the exhibitions of economic achievements of Turkmenistan, the Owadan Ülke company has enlisted the support of consumers. High quality and affordable prices provide a high demand of the population for the products manufactured by the enterprise.

Today, the Owadan Ülke plant is a high-tech import-substituting production with the prospect of entering foreign markets.

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