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Roza Gül named beautiful dates for the wedding in 2023


Specialists of the Roza Gül flower shop network have prepared a list of beautiful dates for wedding celebrations in 2023 especially for the readers of Turkmenportal.

02.23.2023 claims to be the most popular and memorable date of the next year. Also, lovers should pay attention to such beautiful dates as: 02.03.2023, 02.23.2023, 03.02.2023, 03.03.2023, 03.23.2023, 12.23.2023.

There are no completely mirror figures in 2023, but there are many beautiful dates. Therefore, no matter what day the young people choose for their wedding, it will be special not only thanks to the magic of numbers, but also due to the floral design from Roza Gül.

Undoubtedly, the determining factors in decorating a wedding are the budget, thematic preferences, the desired style and the personal wishes of the newlyweds. Roza Gül specialists, who have a bright creative imagination, skill and extensive experience, will create a floristic concept in accordance with modern trends.

For the bridal bouquet, Roza Gül experts advise choosing persistent flowers: roses, chrysanthemums, peonies, eustomas, freesias, lilies; who will have to participate with the bride in a wedding photo shoot, walks, a trip to the registry office.

The table of the newlyweds (presidium) is the main attribute of the holiday, to which all attention will be riveted - it should be decorated with a large number of flowers. A popular format for serving flowers on the table is a rectangular composition based on an oasis, using additional items: elegant candlesticks, exquisite figurines, swan figurines, lace napkins. Beautifully look rose petals, scattered on the tablecloth or lined with a pattern in the shape of a heart.

The main thing, as the Roza Gül decorators note, is the unity of design of all components of the celebration: the bride's bouquet, the groom's boutonniere, the arch - the symbol of the altar and the photo zone - must be designed in the same style.

It is worth noting that the assortment of the Roza Gül chain of stores includes rare specimens of flowers and plants that will become an exclusive decoration for a wedding.

You can place an order for wedding decoration in the Roza Gül chain of stores at the following addresses and contact details:

  • street Azadi, 83. Phone: (+993 12) 92 47 82;
  • street Magtymguly, 185. Phone: (+993 12) 34 35 55;
  • street Gorogly (Syýahat hotel). Phone: (+993 12) 34 44 33, mobile phone (+993 63) 01 01 06;
  • street Azadi, 85. Phone (+993 12) 93 27 42 (indoor and outdoor plants);
  • street Gorogly (behind the Syýahat hotel). Phone: (+993 12) 34 44 33.

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