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Useless life hacks for the care of home plants

Useless life hacks for the care of home plants

Growing indoor and outdoor plants is a special art. There are always tricks allowing seeds to grew faster and to get more abundant harvest.

Many people, striving to achieve perfect results of flowering and viability of their plants, use untested and meaningless lifehacks.

How not to lose time and effort, and most importantly the appearance of indoor and outdoor plants using useless pieces of advice.

Coffee grounds instead of fertilizers – it does not bring any benefit, it is only a source of pathogenic microbes; 

Spoiled fruits and vegetables as fertilizer are also dangerous for plants and are an excellent environment for the development of mold, fungus and infections;

Installing plants in a bright place – direct sunlight can cause burns, and not all plants and flowers like bright light;

Watering bushes and plants as the top layer dries is a common recommendation, more acceptable for garden plants, since moisture in pots may remain inside, and with careful watering, on the contrary, root rot will occur, and the bush will die; 

Adding an egg to the hole – this method won’t give anything apart the unpleasant smell, the eggshell called to provide the plant with calcium, decomposes for several years, and the plant will suffer and wither from calcium shortage;

Put ashs – there is a  opinion that ash is a natural product and it is safe. But the soil will become too alkaline from ash, and it will negatively influence the development of plant;

Getting rid of weeds with the help of dishwashing detergent with the addition of table vinegar and magnesium sulfate is presented as a safe herbicide. This “rattling mixture” will only corrode the protective layer of plants and destroy the helper microorganisms; 

Using of nail to change the color of hydrangea is a complete lack of logic and inconsistency with reality. If you bury a nail into a container, will the originally pink hydrangea become blue? One should not sincerely believe all the information that is found on the internet. The increased iron content in the soil does not work in practice, to change the color of hydrangeas, it is better to use a solution prepared from phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen in a ratio of 5 to 20 to 10 and spray bushes with it, or bring the acidity to a level of about pH 6.5 and water with a solution of potassium permanganate.

Specialists-professionals of the Roza Gül store chain in Ashgabat will help you to avoid ridiculous situations and not get confused in life hacks.

By address: Azadi str, 85, is located a unique Roza Gül store aimed at purchasing and cultivation of indoor and outdoor plants, where useful tips and recommendations regarding watering and caring for them will be offered to you by one of the best florists of Turkmenistan.

It is also possible to get advice and place an order with delivery throughout the country.

Contact details:

  • 83 Azadi str., phone numbers: (+993 12) 92 47 82, (+993 63) 01 01 06;
  • 185 Mahtumkuli str., phone: (+993 12) 34 35 55;
  • Gerogly str. (Syýahat Hotel), phones: (+993 12) 34 44 33, (+993 63) 01 01 06;
  • 85 Azadi str., phone: (+993 12) 93 27 42 (indoor and outdoor plants).


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