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Bride’s bouquet, newlyweds table and a photo zone are the main trends of the wedding floristry


There is no single rule on the floral decoration of a wedding and it is great! You can amaze your guests with original art-installations made of dried flowers, embed the banquet hall in flower sea or choose a laconic floristic assistance with a touch of minimalism. Everything depends on your imagination and wedding budget.

Decorating of one of the most long-expecting events in life can be entrusted only to the professionals of floristic craft, such in Turkmenistan are florists Roza Gül. Especially for Turkmenportal, the told about the latest trends and relevant solutions in the design of an important celebration.

Bride’s bouquet. Without doubts, the bride is in the spotlight of attention, on this day she is the most fascinating and happy. Therefore, the culprit of the celebration is carefully approached to the composition of the bouquet.

Specialists advise not to mix more than 4 color tones and 3 types of plants in one bouquet. The most fashionable wedding bouquet of the last 2 years are the compositions made in aquarelle color range shades.

If you want to risk and forego common roses, then you can decorate your bouquet with field flowers or dried flowers. As for the shape and volume of the bouquet, cascading and asymmetric compositions are in fashion. 

In the same style with the bride's bouquet, it is necessary to arrange a boutonniere for the groom.

Arch and photo zone. The floral arch can be of various shapes – round, square and etc. Ever growing popularity gains not simple arches, but whole decorative objects made of structures of different geometries, colors and decorative items.

In creation of photo zones can be used multilevel compositions, also to take into account the season of the year and complement the zone with thematical attributes and essential elements.

Newlyweds table. The presidium or the table of the bride and groom is the central place, its decoration should be richer than the decor of the guests’ tables.

But it shouldn’t be overloaded with a big number of elements or too lush composition of flowers. Newlyweds can simply “get lost” in the floral thickets. 

Runners on the tables. Another unusual solution in the wedding decoration is floral runners on the tables of guests. The composition can be either along the length of table or hang from it.

Roza Gül specialists advise to compose a list of points to be discussed with the florist, for example, the style of the wedding, the color scheme, as well as the amount you plan to spend on the design. 

You can order a wedding decoration in the Rose Gül chain of stores by the following contacts:

  • 83 Azadi str., phone: (+993 12) 92 47 82;
  • 185 Mahtumkuli str., phone: (+993 12) 34 35 55;
  • Gerogly str. (Syýahat Hotel), phone numbers: (+993 12) 34 44 33, (+993 63) 01 01 06.


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