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Turkmen tennis players start in the Davis Cup


The tennis team of Turkmenistan will start the match with the team of Bhutan on Tuesday in the Davis Cup. In these competitions, Turkmen tennis players compete in the IV group of the Asia and Oceania zone, the matches of which will be held in the city of Madinat-Isa (Bahrain).

The fight for the only ticket to the 3rd group will be competed by 9 teams of group “B” - Bahrain, Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Guam, Kuwait, Mongolia, Singapore and Turkmenistan, which will be divided into two subgroups. The national team of Tajikistan withdrew from participation in the tournament due to injuries received by the players.

The national team of Turkmenistan will play in one subgroup with the teams of Bhutan (October 18), Mongolia (October 19) and Cambodia (October 20). Teams from Kuwait, Bahrain, Guam, Singapore and Laos will play in the other subgroup. The winners of the subgroups will play in the decisive match for the right to participate in the III group of the Asia and Oceania zone in 2023.

The national team of Turkmenistan included: Yuri Rogussky, Meylis Orazmuhammedov, Gurbanberdy Gurbanberdiyev, Haji Charyev, Atlymurad Kurbanov. The captain and head coach of the men's team is Mirali Hasanov.
Within the framework of preparation for the Davis Cup, the team of Turkmenistan held a training camp in Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

Turkmen tennis players have been playing in the Davis Cup since 2004. They achieved the best results in these competitions in 2015, reaching the playoffs of the Asia and Oceania zone group III tournament in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Let us note that according to the results of the qualifying competitions of the Davis Cup in the IV group of the Asia and Oceania zone in group “A”, the men's tennis team of Sri Lanka received an increase in the class. Competitions in group “A” were held on August 8-13, 2022 in Colombo (Sri Lanka). The Sri Lankan team won the right to play in 2023 in the III group of the Asia and Oceania zone.

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