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ES Sada suw produces juices from fruits, vegetables and berries


The economic society Sada suw presents a wide range of natural fruit and vegetable reconstituted juices: Elle and Ilkent, and also carbonated drinks with various flavors - M5 and Oba.

The assortment of the company includes apple, peach, cherry, apricot, tomato, orange juices, juices from melon and watermelon, barberry, blackberry, grape, apple and carrot, a mix of berries or tropical fruits and others. For the production of juices, only high-quality natural raw materials from proven producers of fruits and vegetables are used.

Drinks are packaged in glass and plastic bottles with a capacity of 0,25 and 0,5 liters. The capacity of the plant permits to produce up to 2 million deciliters or almost 47 million bottles of juice per year.

The enterprise was opened this year and has already gained popularity among consumers in Turkmenistan. Drinks from Sada suw can be found in Halk market and Kämil chain stores, in Ashgabat Şazada, Şerbet, Paýtagt, Ruhubelent markets, it is also planned to start selling products through the online platforms Ynamdar, Giper, 100haryt and others.

Besides that, a batch of Sada suw drinks was sent to Russia, negotiations are underway on the supply of products to the countries of Central Asia and other regions of the CIS.

Sada suw products have been awarded the quality certificate of Turkmenistan and are preparing to receive ISO and halal certificates.

For more information about Sada suw products, please call (+993 12) 41 36 33 and (+993 12) 41 37 33, and also via e-mail

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