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Proper nutrition from Detoxboxtm can help you lose weight

Proper nutrition from Detoxboxtm can help you lose weight

A proper nutrition program developed by specialists from the Turkmen company Detoxboxtm will help maintain a healthy life of the body and lose weight.

This program consists of 4 meals per day, which are low in calories and designed specifically for weight loss. The goal of the program is more harmony, less swelling and appetite control.

For many, proper nutrition for harmony is associated with prohibitions and the rejection of favorite and familiar foods, but in reality, this is not the case.

Detoxboxtm specialists proceed from the fact that a healthy diet should be balanced and varied, include various food groups, meet the needs for energy and trace elements, and, if possible, permit not to give up your favorite dishes.

The weight loss program is designed for 28 days. Clients receive a set of balanced and tasty meals for the day. Moreover, all dishes are prepared without preservatives.

The cost of a set for a week is 595 manats. Due to the low-calorie content of food, Detoxboxtm experts do not recommend intensive sports activities during the program.

In order to become a member of the weight loss program and receive proper nutrition every day, just call: (+993 62) 08 98 88, or follow the link.

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