Detoxboxtm offers a service for the delivery of health nutrition for every day

Detoxboxtm offers a service for the delivery of health nutrition for every day

The Detoxboxtm company offers proper nutrition programs, also, the delivery of health nutrition in Ashgabat.

It is not a secret that beauty and health directly depend on what we eat. Over time, many come to the idea and wish to change nutrition habits, moving to a healthy nutrition. But not everyone manages to do it at once. In this case, it is better to rely on the Detoxboxtm specialists.

The goa of Detoxboxtm is to help people move to the health nutrition, form a new way of life.

The main programs of the company:

  • “Maximum”, designed for three day for those who sometimes break nutrition rules and want to do it without consequences;
  • Proper nutrition for weight loss, which guarantees weight loss in 28 days, “Super Bowl” – an express diet for weight loss in 10 days;
  • To maintain weight – a program for those who want to consolidate the result, start learning new healthy habits.

Programs offered by Detoxboxtm specialists do not strain customers, do not create a sense of rejection of their favorite dishes, and the organized delivery of proper nutrition directly “to the table” makes the process of mastering it more convenient.

The founder of Detoxboxtm is Asya Tajieva, who received special knowledge on the courses of the basics of dietetics and healthy nutrition from the organization “New Wave”, completed full-time training in Minsk on the basics of nutrition. There are about 10 different courses in total.

During the practical classes, Asya Tajieva mastered her skills on composition of an individual menu, learned to produce an individual counting of body mass index rate, determine the proper and actual body weight, the daily caloric intake, as well as properly distribute food throughout the day. Based on this, menus for every day and programs for detox and weight loss were developed.

Today Detoxboxtm doesn’t propose individual diets, but subsequently goes to this, particularly, that the results of works of its programs specialists of the company see, as they say, “on the face.”

Today Detoxboxtm develops the direction of delivery of daily hot and hearty meal for busy people, proposing business lunch from 12:00 to 15:00 to the clients fitting any taste, differing in variety and excellent taste qualities. Special offers are designed for organizations and corporate clients.

In order to become a member of Detoxboxtm programs, it is enough to call (+993 62) 08 98 88.

An order for a business lunch is accepted on the day of delivery from 9:00 to 13:00 by phone (+993 65) 85 64 76.


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