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“Super Bowl” program from Detoxboxtm will help in the fight against excess weight

“Super Bowl” program from Detoxboxtm will help in the fight against excess weight

The Turkmen company Detoxboxtm, providing services for the organization of proper nutrition, offers customers to use the “Super Bowl” program.

The “Super Bowl” program is food for losing weight represents a menu counted for 10 days.

The aim of the nutrition program is outlined as follows:

  • To get the body in shape without strict restrictions in food, hunger strikes, fasting days and mono-diets;
  • To improve metabolism and digestion, using the principles of rational nutrition.
  • The express diet will allow you to take the first steps in achieving these goals and is guaranteed to lose a few extra pounds.

Due to a balanced menu, in which there are no conserving agents and hot spices, as well as the content of vitamins and minerals, all necessary nutrients in the menu, it can be used by people of different ages.

The program for the day includes five bowls (dishes – constructors). The daily combination consists of salads and smoothi-bowls, full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which are necessary not only while loosing weight, but also for organism cleaning.

Properly cooked and delivered to customers food allows to save time and do not think about purchasing products, it is enough to open the refrigerator and consume the contents of the bag in time.

The express diet can be repeated once a month. Detoxboxtm specialists also give consultations to customers how to keep weight, so that after switching to a new menu, the extra pounds do not return.

The cost of “Super Bowl” program is 1100 manats.

Detoxboxtm provides different programs of proper nutrition for detox and losing weight, as well as develops the direction of hot lunches daily delivery for busy people, offering customers business-lunches for every taste, differing in variety and excellent taste qualities.

You can get advice and sign a contract for Detoxboxtm services by phone (+993 62) 08 98 88. A page on a social network.

An order for a business lunch is accepted on the day of delivery from 9:00 to 13:00 by phone (+993 65) 85 64 76.

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