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Mähirli Zenan's new collection was highly appreciated at the Fashion Week-2022

Mähirli Zenan's new collection was highly appreciated at the Fashion Week-2022

Mähirli Zenan, following the results of the Fashion Week-2022, became the winner in the “Best concept design” nomination.

The fashion house received this high praise for the creation of a new holiday collection, characterized by a rich and vibrant conceptual style.

The conceptuality of fashion design implies a deep inner meaning that its creators put into clothes, the intellectuality of images, which distinguishes Mähirli Zenan models in the actively developing market of the Turkmen fashion industry.

In creating exclusive women's evening and casual outfits, Mähirli Zenan designers focused on the continuity of national traditions, the preservation of heritage and its modern interpretation.

The same principle is maintained in the hand embroidery that adorns clothes, comparable to genuine works of art.

Mähirli Zenan models found numerous fans among the spectators who visited the show at the Shopping and Entertainment Center Gül Zemin on the final day of the Fashion Week, jointly organized by the Ashgabat hyakimlik and the secretariat of the National Commission of Turkmenistan for UNESCO within the framework of the “Ashgabat - City of Design” project.

In the very next few days, exclusive outfits from the new collection can be purchased at the Mähirli Zenan boutique, located on the 1st floor of the Shopping and Entertainment Center “Bagtyyarlyk”.

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